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Posted On: 19 January 2020 05:43 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:21 pm

Here's what happened during the Doha OIC Youth Capital 2019: activities, winners, and closing ceremony

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The youth is the power of the nation. That is the motto of the Doha as the Capital of the Islamic Youth celebrated in 2019. It has recently held its closing ceremony at the sidelines of the 30th Doha International Book Fair last January 16, 2020. Read below to know all about Doha OIC Youth Capital 2019, its activities, and the winner of the competitions held during the year!

What is Doha OIC Youth Capital 2019?

OIC Youth Capital was initiated by the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF) in October 2014. The OIC region has almost 1.5 billion Muslims and 1/3 of it is constituted by youth. The Youth Capital was established to empower young people to participate actively in the creation of solidarity among Muslim youth and foster inter-cultural and inter-civilizational diversity among its other objectives.

Every year, a capital of the Islamic Youth is chosen to promote dialogue and friendship among young people from various Islamic countries. Qatar has received the key of ‘Doha — OIC Youth Capital 2019’ in October 2018 for recognition of Qatar’s efforts to support and empower young Muslims.

The activities of 'Doha-The Capital of Islamic Youth 2019' include an array of activities, programs, and festivals that took place in Doha with the participation of youth delegations from various Islamic countries to allow youth to discuss many current issues

The aims of Doha OIC Youth Capital 2019 are as follows, according to OIC Youth Capital:

  • Introduce Doha, the cradle of civilizations sheltering Islamic cultural heritage,
  • Foreground the significance of Doha in terms of having a symbolic significance in inter-cultural and inter-civilizational dialogue,
  • Present the vision of Doha in international platforms through the outcomes of the activities such as youth forums, innovation networks, simulation camps, and creativity awards,
  • Reflect the soul of Doha through the sense of productivity, dynamism, energy, and synergy of youth,
  • Emphasise the importance of tolerance, hospitality, dialogue, and sportsmanship through the tournaments which will be hosted in Doha.
Image credit: Qatar Charity/Twitter

Doha OIC Youth Capital 2019 activities

During the year, there were lectures, interactive workshops, and tourism programs held under the Doha Youth Islamic Forum. There were also Doha Youth Camp for Voluntary and Humanitarian Work, Doha Oasis for Innovation, and Doha Youth Innovation Awards which focused on Photography, Short Films, and Visual Arts.

Last January 11, 2020, a Tree Planting event was also held in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment and the Islamic Cooperation Forum for Youth.

Image credit: @MCSQA/Twitter

This is the summary of activities held in Doha, as shared by the Ministry of Culture and Sports in its Twitter account:

Doha Youth Innovation Award Winners

Photography Category

This competition is open to all young people from the Islamic world in the field of photography and was launched in cooperation with the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum, Visual Arts Center, Doha Film Institute, the Youth Hobbies Center, and the organization of the Qatar Cultural and Heritage Events Center.

Islamic Values category winners:

  1. Sultan Ahmed Nilwi (Bangladesh)
  2. followed by Jihad Muhammad Idriss (Yemen)
  3. Nada Mohammed Wadi (Jordan)
  4. Ghazi Muhammad Jahirul Islam (Bangladesh)
  5. Rabi Adamu Sufi (Nigeria)
  6. Muhammad Ali Shida (Afghanistan)

Youth and Success Stories category winners:

  1. Muhammad Nazmul Khan (Bangladesh)
  2. Youssef Loulaidi (Morocco)
  3. followed by Ali bin Hamad Al Ghaferi (Oman)
  4. Mukti Ali Asyadzili (Indonesia)

Our Islamic Heritage category winners:

  1. Ahmed Asif Sami (Bangladesh)
  2. then Muhammad Raziqiya (Algeria)
  3. Porco Emctar (Turkey)
  4. Anas Muhammad Al theeb (Oman)

Visual Arts Category

First category winners - Contemporary Arts

  1. Herru Yoga Pratama (Indonesia)
  2. Maha Ibrahiem Sabry (Egypt)
  3. Aleezah Qayyum (Pakistan)
  4. Lyamine Mekadem (Algeria)
  5. Mai Gamal Abouelnaga (Egypt)

Second category winners - Realistic Arts

  1. Abdulrahman Akram Shweiki (Jordan)
  2. Asra Batool (Pakistan)
  3. Esraa Ezeldeen Hamed (Egypt)
  4. Aliyu Ahmed Abubakar (Nigeria)
  5. Ahmed Thabit Al-Shalali (Yamen)

Third category winners - Arabic Handwriting (The literary Painting)

  1. Shihab Hamed Al-Baimani (Oman)
  2. Reham Hesham Sorour (Egypt)
  3. Mohammad Twasin Arafat (Bangladesh)

Fourth category winners - Classical Handwriting

  1. Salim Hamidi (Morocco)
  2. Ahmad Abdul hadi bin Shamsul (Malaysia)
  3. Fozia Ismail (Pakistan)

Doha Oasis for Innovation

The Ministry of Culture and Sports in collaboration with the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum organized 'Doha Oasis for Innovation' as one of the activities under Doha OIC Youth Capital 2019. The competition was held from September 14 to 20, 2019.

‘Doha Oasis for Innovation’ aimed to develop the talents and abilities of young people in the areas of invention, innovation, and manufacturing. The winners were announced last October 2019.

Individual competition winners

  1. Saleh Safran (Qatar) for his Samam project, an electronic safety device used to prevent gas leakage. The device detects the gas immediately after leakage and controls the closure of the source gas.
  1. Mohammed Ahmed Al Habsi (Oman) won for his Smart Film, an intelligent and environmentally friendly product that is placed on glass surfaces (buildings and cars). Shading ration from 0% to 99% can be controlled using the smartphone application.
  2. Shakiba Sardevand (Iran) did a Multifunctional Mathematical Drawing and Measuring Tool (MDMT) which consists of five practical tools including a compass, protractor, set square, ruler, and an ellipse drawing tool.

Group competition winner: WEQAYA

  • Abdulrahman Faraj Saleem Bin Ierous - State of Libya
  • Sara Ameer Al-Baker - State of Qatar
  • Yousif Mansour Al-Quhumi - State of Qatar
  • Saleh Mohammed Al-Abdulla - State of Qatar
  • Omar Ouyaba - People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
  • Qusai Emad Mohammad Abushehab - Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  • Daliwa Joseph Bainamndi - Republic of Cameroon

Their project is the Smart Pill, which releases medication at specified times controlled via mobile application and linked to the doctor or family member of the patient to remind him if he did not take his medicines. This device is aimed at the elderly and those with medical problems like Alzheimer's who often forget to take their medicine.

Closing Ceremony

Image credit: @MCSQA/Twitter

Mr. Muhammad Al-Fahida, Representative of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, delivered a speech during the event in which he mentioned that "The events of Doha, capital of Islamic youth, reinforced the place that Qatari youth is taking both locally and internationally, thanks to the belief of the wise leadership of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, in the role of youth in accomplishing the Vision 2030."

Mr. Taha Ayhan, the President of the Islamic Youth Cooperation Forum, also spoke and he mentioned that "Investing in youth is the real investment, and this is what we felt during the activities of Doha, the capital of Islamic youth 2019." He also announced that the Republic of Bangladesh will be the capital of Islamic Youth for 2020.

His Excellency Mr. Salah bin Ghanem Al-Ali, Minister of Culture and Sports, honored the distinguished youth in the activities of Doha, the capital of Islamic youth 2019. He also handed the key of the capital of Islamic youth 2019 to the representative of Dhaka, the Islamic Youth Capital 2020 during the closing ceremony of the Doha Capital of Islamic Youth 2019 activities.

Image credit: @MCSQA/Twitter

Watch our video of the Doha OIC Youth Capital awards!

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