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Posted On: 8 September 2012 06:55 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:12 pm

Doha Jadeed: park and be damned

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As in many other Doha locations, parking has become a nightmare for residents of Doha Jadeed, one of city’s most densely populated areas. Quarrels among residents for parking space is a common feature in the many narrow lanes, a feature of the area, which is surrounded by busy roads from all four sides, each of which is notorious for traffic snarls during the peak hours. Gulf Times found late last evening that there are a number of lanes with forcibly “reserved” parking lots. Some residents of a building in a crowded lane near a major mosque in the locality said until recently there was graffiti on the walls of some ramshackle buildings in the area warning “violators” daring to parking their vehicles in the slots “reserved” by other residents. Of late as the number of vehicles has multiplied some residents have also started “lane” parking much to the chagrin of others, who cannot move their vehicles in the mornings. The net result is ceaseless quarrels. This has also contributed to blocking of vehicular movement through some of the area’s narrow lanes, especially in the evenings. “While the area was flooded with abandoned vehicles of all types until a couple of years ago, now their places have been taken over by vehicles belonging to residents from very much within the locality who make it difficult for others by parking in an ill-considered manner,” said a resident. He said those returning from work late in the evenings never find parking and sometimes find themselves unable to manoeuvre in the choked lanes. It is now difficult to find parking even upto a kilometre away. A while ago a Mowasalat official had mentioned that parking of private vehicles in the area’s lanes make it impossible to deploy buses to Doha Jadeed. School bus drivers operating in Doha Jadeed too have similar complaints. Gulf Times