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Posted On: 26 July 2013 06:18 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:13 pm

DFI unveils Film Lab Series to boost skills

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Doha Film Institute (DFI) yesterday launched a ‘Film Lab Series’ of practical and hands-on sessions on all areas of filmmaking. The series is designed to strengthen skills of first and second-time filmmakers from the Gulf and locally who have mastered creative steps of filmmaking, for those who have taken part in the Addesha Programme, and individuals who have the talent and drive to become professional filmmakers. Comprising programmes that touch upon each facet of filmmaking — from script to screen — the ‘Film Lab Series’ includes Documentary Lab; Hezayah Screenwriting Lab; Professional Hezayah Lab; Professional Directing Lab; Doha Film Lab; Animation Lab; Producer’s Lab; Transmedia Workshop & Lab; and Acting for the Camera Workshop. Paul Miller, Head of Film Financing, Doha Film Institute, said: “With DFI’s Qumra Film Festival billed to become the ultimate launch pad for up-and-coming filmmakers, the ‘Film Lab Series’ will take the efforts of the festival further by creating a genuine cinematic culture in the region, by giving filmmakers the opportunity to bring out their own creative interpretations, inspired by their personal narratives.” Mahdi Ali Ali, Gulf Film Development Manager, said: “The ‘Film Lab Series’ will play a pivotal role in developing the proficiency of emerging filmmakers, allowing them to implement these skills through more tangible conduits like the Hazawi Short Film Programme and apply for DFI grants.” Providing a transformative experience for Gulf filmmakers, the ‘Film Series Lab’ will explore approaches to access inner themes that are applied to personal narratives. During the ‘Doha Film Lab’ participants will create a short film while developing skills in scriptwriting, directing, pre-production planning, camera work, lighting, on-set production, and editing. The ‘Documentary Lab,’ will provide an intensive, hands-on introduction to the process of documentary filmmaking; while the ‘Hezayah Screenwriting Lab,’ led by script consultant Christian Routh (Elizabeth; Rob Roy), will focus on the rapid development of skills needed to write a viable screenplay. The ‘Professional Hezayah Lab,’ for established Qatari writers, playwrights, novelists, and poets who have had limited film training, will strengthen their skills to write for the screen. International and Gulf producers come together for the ‘Producers’ Lab,’ to hone their skills, develop the unique selling points of their projects, discuss business strategies and plans to bring those projects to fruition. Storytelling techniques and logistical skills required to direct a film take centre stage at ‘Professional Directing Workshop,’ where first-time filmmakers or experienced directors will gain new perspectives on their work. The evolving filmmaking landscape and newer mediums that provide the opportunity for filmmakers to narrate their stories through technological platforms are the themes of the ‘Transmedia Workshop & Lab’, while aspiring actors are guided through the specifics of acting for film at the ‘Acting for the Camera Lab.’