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Posted On: 6 March 2019 10:25 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:20 pm

DFC opens Turkey's biggest jewellery chain Atasay with a Qatar-inspired exclusive Capsule Collection

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Brand ambassador and Turkish actress Meryem Uzerli (Hareem El Sultan) attends the opening.

Turkey’s biggest jewellery chain, Atasay, launched its first ever store in Qatar yesterday at Doha Festival City (DFC), Qatar’s preferred shopping destination, with a Qatar Exclusive Capsule Collection, a handcrafted selection of fine jewellery inspired by the country’s landscape.

The opening was attended by the Turkish Ambassador to Qatar, Fikret Özer, who cut the store’s ribbon alongside the famous Turkish star Meryem Uzerli ( Hareem el Sultan), the brand ambassador and face of Atasay. The guest of honours were accompanied by the owner/president of Atasay Group, Cihan Kamer, Atasay board member, Çiğdem Kamer, the CEO, Atasay Kamer, and senior management of DFC.

Atasay Kamer, CEO of the Atasay Group, said: “We are very happy to be opening today the first ever store for our brand in Qatar at DFC. The exclusive collection, we are featuring for this occasion, is a celebration of the great bond that connects the peoples of Qatar and Turkey. ”

Robert Hall, General Manager of DFC, said: “As a preferred retail destination, DFC is proud to be the choice of Atasay Group for their Qatari debut. This only conveys the confidence global brands have in the experience we provide at the mall for both retailers and shoppers.”

Atasay designed an exquisite capsule collection exclusively for Qatar. Inspired by the breathtaking landscape of the country, the collection features an elegant range of bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings in high carat gold, showcasing unique motifs and designs that refer back to prominent local characteristics. This collection will be available exclusively at DFC.

Symbolising the harmony between water and desert, the collection offers a selection of pieces in gold with subtle hints of turquoise. The delicate pink quartz and rose gold pieces are drawn from the stunning colourful sunsets in the city.

Designs are sophisticated and elaborate to represent the architecture of Qatar, and other historical elements using pearls. The abundant sun of the country inspires a beautiful pair of circular flower earrings in gold, while a necklace and ring set with concentric floral patterns in turquoise and yellow gold, are meant to reflect the cultural diversity of the region.

About Atasay

Timeless and contemporary jewellery producer and retailer since 1937

Atasay was established in 1937, and it has been showcasing the latest trends in gold and diamond jewelry in the Middle East for 30 years as a powerful wholesaler. Now Atasay which has 171 stores worldwide decided to open a store in Doha and bring Atasay’s award-winning creations which have been designed by Turkish jewellery artisans and craftsmen.

Working with prize-winning designers and masters in their field and World Colour Council delegate Fashion Designer Özlem Süer as a trend consultant, Atasay provides a myriad of selections, mirroring world-wide trends, and aspiring to complement every moment with exquisite accessories. For women who identify themselves with jewellery that reflects their culture, acquire gorgeous pieces that tell a story or simply keep up with the latest trends in fashion.

Permanent capsule collection by worldwide known interior designer Zeynep Fadıllıoğlu is one of the most spectacular collaborations from Atasay's design history.

Atasay propose to the women to crown their daily style with contemporary jewellery. With Atasay everyday deserve to be celebrated. Every woman has right to get access to the affordable luxury concept jewellery. Atasay brings the high jewelry style with affordable price and in the real time with global trends.

From day to night every style of jewellery even red carpet style jewelry that a women can desire is fastly available in Atasay stores.  

 “There is no ordinary day with Atasay. Atasay inspires and encourages everyone, to express their feelings and style every single day. Everybody has the right to wear whatever they feel like and crown their style with a piece of  Atasay jewellery. Atasay encourage customers to love and accept themselves as they are. The only thing they need is imagination.