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Posted On: 28 March 2017 11:27 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:17 pm

Design like a pro: Home designing tips with IKEA Qatar

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Eloquently designed homes are what most homeowners dream of. But designing homes can be quite challenging. There are a lot of aspects that have to be considered, such as lighting, colors, furniture, decoration and even fengshui. 

We spoke to IKEA Qatar’s Interior Design Manager, Anna Gontarz, who originally hails from Poland. Gontarz shared some of IKEA Qatar’s most popular design concepts and even indulged us in a few helpful and practical design tips.

Current trends

There are a number of design trends for modern homes at the moment. “The first one is pastel; having dinner sets and dining table decorated in pastel tones as well as bedrooms.” Gontarz said. “The second trend — and it’s my favorite — is all about bringing your garden inside the house. Making a “green wall” out of indoor plants. It’s adding a feel of wellbeing and makes it really cozy. And green is a very calming color,” Gontarz added.


People tend to be more attracted to earthy colors and golden hued accessories. “We see a lot of interest in our golden accessories,” said Gontarz. “There is also a lot of attention for our glass door wardrobes.”

Pro tips

When it comes to interior design, people tend to overlook certain key elements. Mood lighting plays a key role in setting up the ambiance and feel of a room. “I think that people underestimate the potential of mood lighting,” Gontarz said. “And now with dimming lamps you can achieve different moods in the same room just with the touch of a button.”


Gontarz also advises potential home-designers to think about functionality and to figure out what your personal needs are before shopping.

IKEA’s helping hand

IKEA Qatar is organized in a way that provides shoppers with the opportunity to explore all areas of the house; from kitchen to living room, bedroom to bathroom, and even children’s play rooms! The products are then organized by function and style. It’s hard to miss out on any particular section when walking through IKEA.


“We have a lot of programs available online to layout your kitchen, your closet, your bathroom and even your perfect sofa according to the size of your home,” said Gontarz. “You simply have to go to our page and choose one of the planners.”

IKEA Qatar receives new and limited collections almost every month. “At the moment you can find really vibrant styles with our Spridd collection — perfect for teenagers — and Jassa which is a collection that is made and inspired by the Indonesian style,” Gontarz said. “You can also find our summer collection full of color and a great choice of solar lamps ideal for the outdoors.”

“When it comes to decorating your home, there is no right or wrong as long as it makes you happy!” Gontarz added.

Link to IKEA online planner:

How often do you visit IKEA? What are some of your favorite home design elements? Comment below! And don’t forget to share!