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Posted On: 26 July 2022 12:11 pm
Updated On: 26 July 2022 03:16 pm

Delta Aquarids meteor shower to decorate Qatar skies on 29 July 2022

Tracy Quirino
Tracy Quirino
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As per QNA, Qatar Calendar House has announced that the population of the northern hemisphere, including those in Qatar, will be able to view this year's meteor shower, the Delta Aquarids. The phenomena will occur on Friday evening, 29 July 2022 and extend until the dawn of Saturday, 30 July 2022.

"The Delta Aquarids meteors are active annually from mid-July to August 23 each year, while they peak on July 28 and 29 each year, and their fall in the sky will peak at 20 meteors per hour, according to astronomers specializing in meteor monitoring," quotes QNA.

What distinguishes meteor showers is that their monitoring only needs a place far from environmental and light pollution, so the people of Qatar will be able to monitor and see the meteor showers of the Delta Aquarids without the need for astronomical instruments or telescopes.

They can see and monitor them with the naked eye from Friday evening until the dawn of Saturday. Even modern digital cameras can be used to capture images of meteor showers. Consider increasing exposure time during shooting for distinctive images of the Delta Aquarids meteors.

The reason why the Delta Aquarids meteors are named as such is that they appear near the constellation Aquarius, specifically near the bright star of the constellation Delta Aquarids.

Meteor showers generally occur as a result of the passage of the Earth as it moves in orbit around the Sun near dust granules and particles left by comets, intersecting with the Earth's atmosphere, and causing a flash falling into the globe like fireworks.

Keep in mind that the best places to see delta meteors are the darkest places far from residential areas with light and environmental pollutants that may hinder meteor visibility, while the best time to see delta meteors is from midnight until dawn the next day.

Source: QNA
Cover image credit: Shutterstock