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Posted On: 23 April 2013 12:19 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:12 pm

Data Protection Increasingly Important for ‘Always On’ Qataris

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Residents Better Managing Online Gaming, Emails, Shopping, and Banking Risks as Telco Providers Commit to Best-Practice in Content Security; Qatar is World’s 23rd Most Networked Nation, Says World Economic Forum Report
Qatar’s youthful, digitally-savvy population are better managing the security risks associated with online activities, from gaming and emailing to shopping and banking, say experts. This dynamic is increasingly the case because their respective Doha-based internet and telecommunications service providers are deploying the world’s leading security measures, in a country the prestigious World Economic Forum organization has this month ranked as the ‘World’s 23rd Most Networked Nation’. Already, ictQATAR’s Q-CERT works with government agencies, private, and public sector organizations and Qatar’s citizens to ensure that online threats are monitored and risks are contained. Q-CERT works to protect sensitive information and ensure safety on the Internet. Experts say consumers on desktops, laptops, and mobile phones require end-point security solutions to protect their digital lives – particularly from malware, spyware, and spam. “Today’s Qatari resident is ‘always on’, but he is incredibly aware of online threats. Still, there is only so much he can do, as an individual, to protect himself,” said Ihab Moawad, Vice President of Mediterranean, Middle East, and Africa, Trend Micro. “The real security layer standing between Qatari residents and an increasingly complex universe of Internet threats is his internet service provider. Qatar’s telcos can make simple changes to their security policies and technologies that can have a profound effect on millions of subscribers,” added Moawad. Residents of Qatar are particularly concerned about security solutions for smartphones, those which can secure personal and confidential information from unauthorized access, in the event the device is stolen, lost, or compromised. Trend Micro, the global leader in cloud security, helps companies efficiently mitigate the risks of attacks and data breaches across the spectrum of end user platforms, from smartphones to tablets, laptops to removable drives.