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Posted On: 6 July 2021 03:47 pm

Air Cargo and Private Airports Customs thwart the smuggling of crystal meth

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The Express Mail Customs Department of the Air Cargo and Private Airports Customs Department was able to thwart the smuggling of crystal meth coming from an African country. It was secretly hidden inside a bread toaster, and the total weight was approximately 1 kg and 118 grams. Accordingly, a seizure report was issued, and the seized items were handed over to the concerned authority in the country.

This is not the first time that the General Authority of Customs has revealed the deception of smugglers in bringing narcotic substances into the country. The Authority revealed many attempts in different ways which prove its advanced capabilities and high-security sense in controlling smugglers and thwarting their attempts and plans, no matter how strange and unexpected they may be. It also provides the inspectors with training courses in security and suspicion, so that the inspector is familiar with the various smuggling methods.

Source and cover image: Qatar Customs