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Posted On: 12 January 2015 06:38 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:14 pm

Cooperation between Qatar cancer society and Al Arqam academy

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Cooperation between Qatar cancer 2 []

Qatar cancer society has accept Al Arqam academy give a cancer awareness lecture about how to prevent the disease and increase public awareness of it and encourage the Qatari society to pay attention to cancer in general. According to the large spread of cancer recently in the State of Qatar, Qatar cancer society decided to take more effective and positive steps to educate the community of the causes of the most prevalent cancer and how to prevent it by avoiding those causes.

It is worth mentioning that the lecture awareness was presented by Dr.mahasen Okasha, head of the health education department, which has during the lecture addressing the seriousness of cancer in general, in addition to the methods of discovery and presentation of the most important causes and treatment methods used in the State of Qatar towards cancer in general and breast cancer in particular, in addition to the importance of a healthy lifestyle for the prevention of cancer by eating healthy foods and exercise on a daily basis.

“We believe that these lectures are very important to increase the community awareness about cancer and it causes in general”. Dr.Mahasen okasha said. At the end of her speech Dr. Okasha said “we all must be aware of the importance of sport and eating healthy food in protecting our general health, we also must stay away from unhealthy habits like smoking.

For her part, Ms. Ola Abdel Rahman Hamdi academic director stressed the need to educate students the seriousness of cancer, and causes of disease and added "we are keen in the Al Arqam Academy to provide some awareness lectures for students in general toward cancer, where we recognize its importance in the prevention academy students from infection or detected in late stages in addition to the fact that awareness lectures serve the academic vision”