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Posted On: 6 November 2016 08:28 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Cookie Craving? ILQ’s top 7 Cookie Spots

Noor Odeh
Noor Odeh
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Are you a cookie monster like us? If you are, you must try our list of topcookie spots here in Doha.

There are many great dessert places in Qatar, but we will be telling you our top cookie shops that we absolutely love. Arranged in alphabetical order, they are Choowy Goowy, Mrs. Fields, Nestle Toll House, Subway, Sugar and Spice, Sweet Attack and Tiger Cookies.

Choowy Goowy

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Choowy Goowy, from its name, depicts the texture of their cookies. As soon as you put one in your mouth, it is like a volcanic eruption, but instead of lava you get to experience chocolate. They have so many different flavors that can satisfy your taste buds. Prices range from QR5 per cookie to QR50 for 12 cookies.

Mrs. Field’s


This dessert spot is famous for their chocolate chip cookies. They are chewy, soft, and all-around delicious. Mrs. Field’s also has different sizes of cookies, they have the big regular size, and mini ones. There are various flavors like macadamia, lotus, peanut butter, and even M&M cookies. Go check them out! Their prices are reasonable too, they can go as low as QR3 to QR15 and maybe more, depending on how many you buy.

Nestle Toll House


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Nestle Toll House’s best cookies are rich-chocolatey-flavored chocolate chip cookies and their white macadamia. You have to check them out. They also have other flavors, but these are our favorites. The average price at Nestle Toll House per person is around QR25.



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Subway is known for their delicious sandwiches and salads, but their cookies! MAN! They are AM-AAAZING! They have chocolate chip, double chocolate, and macadamia. You can buy one with your meal for QR3, or you can go for a platter of 36 cookies QR75.

Sugar and Spice


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This popular dessert locale is known for so many great dessert items, but their cookies are out of this world! They have this awesome chocolate chip cookie called “Hendtella” with Nutella inside!They also have “pillow cookie,” which is similar, but with an Oreo in the middle. Kinder cookies are like eating kinder chocolate, but coated with the soft, chewy greatness of baked cookie dough. Not too hard, not too soft, just right! Prices range from QR5 to QR8 per cookies.

Sweet Attack

Sweet Attack is another spot to get incredible cookies in Qatar. If you’ve ever visited Flat White at the Pearl-Qatar, then you’ve probably tried out their cookies! They’re supplied by Sweet Attack, and they have Kinder, Sea Salt, and more! Sweet Attackcan be found on Instagram where they post great media related to cookies and brownies. You can check their bio section on Instagram for more information to how to order.

Tiger Cookies

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Tiger cookies have the look of a plain cupcake, but have the feeling and texture of a moist, chewy cookie.Once you put those delightful treats in your mouth, it’s as if you are drinking from a sweet, chocolate-y fountain. They have six amazing cookies with various flavors. Nutella, Arabian Nutella, Kinder, Lotus, Pistachio and Galaxy. They come in boxes of which prices range from QR40 to QR100.

Nutella and Arabian Nutella are very similar in taste, but the Arabian is the one with the warm cardamom, and greets you with an intriguing “Arabic”flavor.

Kinder chocolate is one of those chocolate brands that most kids grow up knowing. Well, now they come in the form ofTiger Cookies with melted white chocolate and milk chocolate on the inside.

With the Lotus Tiger Cookies, you get the taste of the creamy-biscuit flavor, dressed up as a cupcake that tastes like chewy-baked cookie dough. Lotus has the texture of a peanut butter spread, it’s not melted like the Nutella and Arabian Nutella.

The one that stands out with the nice, lime green color covered in that famous Tiger Cookie costume is the Pistachio. It has similar texture of the Lotus, but in Pistachio flavor.

All those cookies are shaped like cupcakes, which is what makes them Tiger Cookies, but they also have the traditional-looking chocolate cookies called Galaxy. It’s moist, baked at the right temperature and has the right amount of chocolate bits in it.

Go try these spots if you haven’t, trust us, every bite will taste like you’re experiencing them for the first time. These cookies won’t disappoint you.