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Posted On: 7 June 2009 08:31 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

Company to start bluetooth marketing

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The number of mobile users in the region is growing with Qatar expecting to exceed more than three million in the coming months, says a leading marketing company here. In light of this information from a survey, Abdulla Ahmed Jassmi, president and CEO of Marketing Leaders, the company that conducted the survey, said with more and more companies looking for eco-friendly ways of doing business, he decided to introduce Bluetooth Marketing here. Bluetooth Marketing is a type of “proximity marketing,” which is the localised wireless distribution of advertising content associated with a particular place. Transmissions can be received by mobile owners in a particular location who wish to receive them and have the necessary equipment to do so. The distribution of the message may be via a traditional localised broadcast, or more commonly is specifically targeted to devices known to be in a particular area. The location of a device may be determined by: a cellular phone being in a particular cell; a Bluetooth or WiFi device being within range of a transmitter, and an Internet-enabled device with GPS enabling it to request localized content from Internet servers. “Most advertisers worldwide now want to adopt environmental-friendly ways of doing business and Bluetooth Marketing is the answer… It’s quite different from the traditional way of marketing, like on TV, in newspapers and magazines and the radio… This form of advertising doesn’t use paper, which uses wood,” said Jassmi. He said Bluetooth Marketing is a convenient way of transmitting information. Jassmi said with the use of Bluetooth Marketing, shops or outlets can send paperless discount coupons, promotional messages, trailers and spot videos; in a supermarket, it can be used to announce special offers, short product promotions and in-store promotions. He said this type of marketing can also be used during exhibitions, fairs and conventions in order to send the daily planner, speech summaries, managers’ visiting e-card or inside airports and train stations to inform people. Interactive games and Java/Flash games can also be introduced and sent in some places like pubs, disco houses or outdoor festivals. “This is a new and exciting way of advertising that is cost effective, eye-catching, eco-friendly, compact and portable… and it transmits the campaign message directly into the customer’s or receiver’s hands.” Jassmi said he wants to work with the businesses in the country and help them market their goods and services in a better, more environment-friendly way. He said Marketing Leaders is using Proxima, one of the most powerful platforms for Bluetooth Advertising. “Within a range of 1-100 meters, ProxiMa is able to discover all the Bluetooth-enabled devices and send them FREE multimedia content: audio, video, images, Java or Flash Lite applications.” He said he is planning to introduce more convenient ways of transmitting information in the future, like the Radio-frequency identification (RFID), the use of an object (typically referred to as an RFID tag) applied to or incorporated into a product, animal, or person for the purpose of identification and tracking using radio waves. Some tags can be read from several meters away and beyond the line of sight of the reader.