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Posted On: 27 June 2022 10:16 am
Updated On: 27 June 2022 12:11 pm

Civil Court obligates car company to compensate individual QR 150,000

Cassandra Pallagud
Cassandra Pallagud
Content Writer
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Civil court obligates car company compensate qr 150 000

As per a report by Al Sharq, the Civil Court has obligated a car company to pay an individual who bought a modern vehicle and the workshop refused maintenance and repair, an amount of QR 150,000 as compensation for material and moral damages.

The lawsuit was initially filed by the individual against the car company, demanding a new car with a warranty and compensation amounting to QR 500,000 for the material and moral damages the individual underwent.

As per the report, the details specify that the individual purchased the vehicle with a two-year warranty and availed of an extended warranty for an additional 3 years with an amount of QR 10,000. However, it has been reported that the defendants hid the warranty contract that must be signed by both parties.

When the individual went to the workshop for an oil change and maintenance, he was refused maintenance services, explaining that the plaintiff’s car must complete a distance of 15,000 km, as the car’s meter reached approximately 12,000 km only. The vehicle had lit malfunctioning lights indicating the need for repairs and maintenance. However, the cost report by the car company did not reflect the required repairs and maintenance.

Issa Al-Sulaiti, lawyer and member of the Board of Directors of the Qatar Bar Association, presented a letter to the car company urging to repair the malfunctions indicated by the warning lights. The company did not take any action or respond.

The court assigned a committee of engineering experts specialized in car mechanics and electricity to investigate and assess the situation.

The expert's report revealed that the car had malfunctions in the gearbox systems, airbags, radio, memory storage device, cameras, rear mirrors, starter switch, and electrical circuit. The vehicle did not get the required maintenance from the company when it was entered for inspection and maintenance as the car company refused to perform maintenance work on it, citing that the car did not travel 15,000 kilometres, claiming that it was not worth maintenance. The expert committee confirmed that the vehicle was stopped for a long period of time which may have resulted in the malfunction of electronic devices so periodic maintenance was required.

Source: Al Sharq