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Posted On: 15 September 2013 05:57 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:13 pm

Citizens express shock over burglary death

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Several citizens have expressed shock and surprise over the death of an expatriate on Thursday after a brawl with an intruder in his house in Ain Khalid. The Ministry of Interior confirmed the incident yesterday and said the accused was arrested from his house later on Thursday. The incident also left the man’s son injured. According to the Ministry, the expatriate and his son found a stranger inside the house when they returned home. As they tried to prevent the man from fleeing, the father fell to the ground and died while the son suffered injuries. The statement did not mention the cause of death. Al Sharq, in a report on its website yesterday, denied earlier reports that the man was stabbed to death by the intruder. He died of heart attack, after he hit the ground, said the daily. The daily also scotched rumours that the man died after being hit on the head by the stranger. As the man tried to stop the trespasser from fleeing, he asked his son to call the police. The stranger threatened to kill the son, if they blocked his way, said the daily. During a fight that ensued, the father fell down and died and the son suffered injuries on his stomach. Reacting to the incident, several citizens, described the incident as rare but disturbing. Many felt that illegal and runaway workers were behind such crimes. “Qatar is a safe and secure place. The crime rate is very low compared to other GCC countries. This incident is rare though and strange for the Qatari community. The police were able to catch the culprit,” said Dr Mohammed Al Muslamani, a member of the Central Municipal Council. He called on the Ministry of Interior to intensify its crackdown on runaway workers. Dr Abdulla Jumuan Al Saadi, a Qatari columnist, while expressing similar sentiments, urged the authorities to impose stricter punishments on companies that fail to provide jobs to people under their sponsorship and those employing runaway workers. “Such incidents are unfamiliar to our country. Theft and robbery are very rare. That is why many people leave their cars and houses open. Joblessness is forcing some people to commit crimes,” said Al Saadi.