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Posted On: 8 August 2011 07:48 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

Citizen donates one million and 174 thousand riyals for the victims of Somalia

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A Qatari ctizen donates four feeding centers for the displaced Somalis, maintenance and rehabilitation of 3 wells boreholes, where the donation amount of $ 174 thousand million and QR 534 for the task. The donation is in the relief project launched by Sheikh Eid Charity in the countries of the Horn of Africa in Somalia and Kenya, where the Authority has a number of projects relief since the beginning of this year In the month of February, carried out projects worth 1,727,266 riyals, and contributed to the creation of 10 dams worth SAR 1,000,000, The reclamation of agricultural land and providing agricultural equipment to farmers the value of 1,176,486 rials. In the twenty-fifth of last month, the Foundation launched an extensive campaign to aid victims of drought in neighboring Somalia and Kenya, at a cost of $ 1.502 million Qatari riyals, for the Relief of 42.593 people affected by drought in the Horn of Africa in Somalia and Kenya ... The institution took the initiative to send a delegation to launch the campaign and provide relief assistance to those affected and displaced people in both countries are from Mr. Yousef Bin Mohammed Al Awadi member of the Secretariat and the President of the Foundation Center Sheikh Holiday Social, Mr. Khalidi, a good volunteer Foundation Charity Gala. The director general Sheikh Eid Charity, Mr. Ali bin Abdullah Al Suwaidi said the donation cream from one of the citizens of the people of Qatar goodness comes in the framework of assistance and relief to the Somali people and to mitigate the effects of drought and a plague of hunger through maintenance and rehabilitation of 3 wells artesian unused in the province of Somalia's Bay depths ranging between 130-150 meters, which is a well core Arjk and Beer Mzjala and Beer Bugs and processing equipment necessary to provide safe drinking water to the number 15,000 and their livestock, after cleaning, deepening and replacement of old pipes and construction of ponds and basins required and the installation of electric pump and an electric generator and test the well to ensure readiness optimally, and that contribute to mainly to improve the conditions of community pastoral and helping thirsty people of the villages and rural areas and their livestock to provide adequate water, contribute to providing and ensuring a stable life for the community of the parish, not to migration of villagers from their homeland, work to mitigate the negative effects of drought and drought, contributing to maintaining the health of people and reduce the proportion of disease resulting from the use of contaminated water such as diarrhea, etc. which lead to the loss of many persons. Also contributes to this voluntary contribution in providing food security and food aid for affected families, and the establishment of four feeding centers provide two meals a day for three months the number of 5,000 people, workers and traders displaced people in camps, and by establishing and equipping kitchens to provide meals daily to the affected people due to lack of possibilities Cooking and food have something to contribute in saving the lives of these displaced people and find ways to Bngvethm, after inspection of these sites, camps and identify target groups and due to this assistance. AlSwaidi(family name) that this relief assistance carried out by the gala charity is part of the most important priorities of the institution that is keen in the first place to direct expenditure towards Aligathat urgent and the drilling of artesian wells and save the lives of people from dying from the words of our Lord, "and recited as if he saved all mankind", noting that the Muslim world suffers the scourge of many, and had to successive setbacks to workers in the charitable and humanitarian work should make strenuous efforts to save the human soul that generosity of God to all creatures. For his part, Ali bin Khaled Al Hajri, Chairman of the Project Management Foundation Gala charity that the donation is decent citizen's country and the campaign relief carried out by the institution to provide the necessary water and basic food items in the Horn of Africa came in response to the call of the humanitarian imperative to aid tens of thousands of families affected by the waves devastating droughts and the threat of famine and to provide basic subsistence for the people of the Somali people and provide relief to our fellow brothers Somalis, and to contribute mainly in the treatment of the problem of drought by digging wells and providing food security for people affected by drought, and work to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood between the supporters and beneficiaries and establish the value of social solidarity, and includes project has been implemented through our partner charities in Somalia and Kenya, the distribution of basic food items to tens of thousands of families affected by this drought and the famine. AlRaya Newspaper