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Posted On: 4 April 2010 04:29 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

CID Recovers Stolen Gold Ornaments and Cash

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As a continuation of the efforts in controlling crimes and its prevention in the country, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) recently recovered a large amount of gold ornaments and cash, which were stolen from the house of a citizen. One of the Qatari citizens has filed a complaint recently at the CID about exposing his house for a robbery while he was outside the country, in which a huge amount of cash and gold ornaments worth three hundred and eighty thousand (380000)Qatari Riyals were stolen, which were kept in an iron safe in the house. As soon as the department file this complaint, the CID formed a search and investigation team in order to unravel the mysteries of the incident and to arrest the defendants. The search and investigation conducted on the maids in the same house indicated that the defendant has sent a maid in the citizen's house back home straightway before the Qatari citizen left the country. At the end, the investigation around that maid proved that she had a relationship with a person of her nationality and the CID could to specify his identity and place of his residence. After completing the legal procedures, the CID arrested the accused while he was along with one of his friends and during the interrogation, both of them admitted that they have carried out the robbery according to the information provided by the maid who was sent back recently to her home country. Later, the two defendants showed the place where the stolen items were hidden in a wooden box which they intended to send to their country. The investigation team found the above said stolen items inside the box when opened and in addition to this, they seized a large flat-screen television been bought by the stolen money. When the security team showed the recovered items for the citizen who filed the complaint against theft he recognized it. Then, the accused and the seized items were referred to the concerned authority to complete the legal procedures against them in preparation to present them in front of the justice. Herewith the CID urges all members of the society to not keep large amount of gold ornaments and cash at home, especially when traveling outside the country and to deposit it in the bank lockers as a preventive measure from thefts while the residents stay away from home out side the country. ILQ NEWS