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Posted On: 5 March 2013 02:43 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:12 pm

Chris Tucker Live in Doha - The Aftermath

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Chris Tucker - Live in Doha 03.03.13 It was 9.56pm when Chris Tucker bounced onto the stage to play for an excitable audience at the Sheraton Hotel in Doha on Sunday. There was a lot of love in the room for the eccentric movie star/funny-man and Chris was quick to captivate and command the audience with his fast talking, highly animated, comedic style. During his performance the wide-eyed star juxtaposed material about his life as a celebrity with hilarious recounts of his humble beginnings growing up in Atlanta ,Georgia, USA. He told a side-splitting true story about mistakenly eating his mother’s breakfast at age 5 and also mixed in some material about Qatar which the audience loved! His jokes about the Middle Eastern climate went down a storm; “It’s so hot here that birds don’t fly… I've seen the birds walking!” Chris also worked in some audience participation during the show, asking the names of some of the front row audience and cracking jokes about their attire, remarking on one gentleman’s yellow shirt he proclaimed; “You look like the sun!” His impressions of animals, his mother and even Qatari’s were funny in a brutally honest way, he is a man who is inspired by people and by life, this is what gives him his reputation as one of the best observational comics of our time. Chris spent a lot of time gyrating around the stage to a beat of his own during his performance, he certainly has the moves! The audience loved his energy. You can tell that music and rhythm are an important part of his life and his show. In an interesting part of his performance, Chris detailed his close relationship with the late ‘King of Pop’- Mr Michael Jackson. Once again he thrilled the audience with his impressions, he mimicked Michael’s soft voice and shared memories of his time spent with Michael out shopping and at the Never land Ranch, best of all were Chris’s short renditions of M.J’s songs and signature dance moves, he mesmerised the audience as he stormed the stage in his stylish black leather jacket suit. He did briefly reference the possibility of starting work on the much anticipated Rush hour 4 movie during his performance, he joked that Jackie Chan said to him that work could begin on the movie when Chris Tucker paid him back several million dollars that were owed. Besides being extremely funny his show was fast paced, loud and at times shrill. Chris addressed everything from President Obama to McDonald’s, his personal experience of DNA profiling and of course Sex. The show matched Chris’s level of excitement pace for pace, this paired with his Chris’s distinctive voice and strong American accent did make it possible to lose the thread of his jokes from time to time but overall Chris delivered his show like the Pro that he is. He received a standing ovation at the end and the enthused cheers of the audience members showed their level of appreciation and satisfaction, the fans certainly won’t forget Chris Tucker’s Doha performance in a hurry! Author: Rachel.