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Posted On: 27 August 2011 10:39 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

Charity hosts orphans from three countries

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Qatar Charity (QC) has played host to a group of sponsored orphans from Palestine, Albania and Kosovo, in an event designed to strengthen ties between the children and their sponsors. The visitors were taken to see all the main touristic, educational and cultural sites in Doha, as well as presenting poems and songs at the Al Baraha Tent, (established by QC for Ramadan and located in the event hall of the Ladies’ Club in Aspire Zone) and appearing on the Taraweeh radio programme. Ten-year-old Palestinian orphan Abdul Hakim Wael Nassar, from the Gaza Strip, recited a poem about Palestine. He expressed his gratitude to QC and his sponsor for their support, wishing they continue to sponsor orphans and needy children in occupied Palestine. Another Palestinian orphan, 11-year-old Mohamed Abdul Hakim Almna’amah, who delivered a speech entitled From Gaza to the World, expressed his gratitude, saying: “I thank Qatar Charity and the benefactor who sponsored me for their support and kindness, and the care they provided. I am also thankful for the cash, in-kind and social assistance which will make me become self reliant in the future. Albanian orphan, 11-year-old Guinness Ahmed, who loves reciting and memorising poetry and Anasheed in both Arabic and Albanian, stressed that the financial sponsorship received from QC provides him with a variety of help in both his home and school life, as well as easing the burden on his mother, and compensating for his feelings of orphanhood. Fifteen-year-old Jalal Layla, also Albanian, and whose father died three years ago, said that QC is the only institution in Albania that sponsors orphans of his age, and provides them with continuous care and support. He noted that his poor family, which migrated from the Albanian countryside to the capital Tirana, has greatly benefited from the assistance provided by QC, and is now able to cover their living expenses and his school supplies. He expressed his gratitude and appreciation for his sponsor. The Orphans Sponsorship Programme is an important part of QC’s humanitarian activities, and has been a main priority since the charity began. QC provides social, educational and health care for 40,000 orphans inside and outside Qatar. QC also helps the families of orphans via income-generating projects. Emad Naeem Rustam, Director of the Orphans’ Sponsorship Programmes at QC’s Gaza Strip office, discussed how sponsorship in Palestine is implemented through several major programmes; poor orphans and families, children with special needs and needy students. He noted that the QC office in the West Bank and Gaza Strip has issued ATM cards to the orphan families, enabling easy access to money at any time. He also revealed how the office maintains continuous communication with the orphans and their families through regular visits, which are designed to address the orphan’s health, educational and social needs, and provide continuous assistance, including issues such as home repairs, or health, education and social needs. Rustam added that the QC Office in Palestine is currently carrying out a comprehensive survey, investigating the problems of sponsored orphans and their families in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. The survey hopes to improve efficiency in orphan care. He expressed his hope that financial sponsorship for orphans does not stop once orphans reach the age of 18, but continues until they graduate from university, thus preparing them for the labor market. Omar Shaheen, Field Coordinator in the Orphans’ Sponsorship Department at QC’s office in the West Bank city of Ramallah, revealed that QC sponsors 2500 - 2700 out of a total 4,000 orphans in the region. Shaheen oversees the Orphans’ Sponsorship project to ensure the proper receipt of sponsorship money and aid, and prepares annual reports about their social, health and educational status. He also participates in the preparation of Ramadan Iftar tables by distributing Iftar vouchers to orphans’ families and other needy families, which allow them to obtain packaged meals from restaurants. He praised QC’s humanitarian role in providing sponsorship and care for the orphans of Palestine, and its endeavours to ensure a decent life for them in light of the inhumane economic and security situation under Israeli occupation, pointing out that the assistance received by the orphans contributes to fulfilling their basic needs of clothing and food. Haji Ali Gdiko Musharraf, Orphans’ Supervisor at QC’s Albania office, spoke of the numerous activities conducted by the charity in the capital Tirana, which caters for around 100 orphans. These activities include religious and cultural lessons and Quran memorising lessons, as well as providing entertainment and trips, especially for Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha. They also organise cultural competitions, sporting events and Iftars during the Holy Month of Ramadan, as well as distributing Hadi meat and food baskets and distributing awards and gifts to orphans as motivation for them to pursue their talents and creativity.