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Posted On: 18 September 2022 04:24 pm
Updated On: 18 September 2022 05:20 pm

Cause of death of whale at Sealine beach likely to be starvation - Ministry

Tracy Quirino
Tracy Quirino
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Cause of death dead whale sealine

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change announced in a tweet that the ministry and its corresponding specialized unit were able to identify the cause of death of the whale that was washed ashore on 16 September 2022.

As per the Ministry, an expert in the field of Marine Biology from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change identified the cause of death of the animal to be most likely starvation due to old age. The 14-meter-long female whale was found to have a loss of baleen (a filtration feeding system inside the whale's mouth) which made it difficult for the animal to eat and eventually starve.

The Ministry clarifies that samples from the dead fish and seawater in the laboratory have been analyzed and are found to be within the normal level and within the limits and standards allowed in the executive regulations of the Qatari Environmental Protection Law.

According to the ministry, there is no pollution or other causes from the sea that lead to the death of fish in the samples examined.

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Source and cover image credit: Ministry of Environment and Climate Change