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Posted On: 22 May 2013 11:07 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:12 pm

Cars with sale stickers to get QR500 fine

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Doha Municipality has announced a major crackdown against car owners who put stickers on their vehicles saying they are for sale. Used cars or other vehicles can only be put on display for sale at an authorised showroom or at a licensed auction yard, the Municipality has said. Vehicles with ‘for sale’ stickers will be fined QR500 for the first time and are to be towed away by the Municipality if the violation is repeated. Their owners will be fined QR5,000. Civic inspectors and traffic department personnel are closely coordinating to jointly keep an eye on such vehicles, as also on those abandoned on the roadside or in open places by their owners. Used cars that are for sale should be taken to an authorised showroom and not parked on the roadside or left in other public places with stickers announcing sale, said Ali Nasser Al Hajri, from Doha Municipality’s Motoring Department. One of the disadvantages of selling vehicles using stickers is that there is no accountability in case of a dispute between the buyer and seller, he said. Transactions taking place through licensed outlets like a showroom are transparent and involve accountability. The showroom takes responsibility if there are problems. Moreover, cars on offer for sale through stickers, as also those abandoned by their owners, are left parked on the roadside or littered around in open spaces, and many a time it is found that some of their spare parts are missing. People, in fact, try to avoid paying commission to showrooms and thus want to find buyers directly, Al Hajri told Al Sharq. Such cars can be seen parked in large numbers in the parking lots of major shopping complexes or on the roads close to these facilities. “You can see more and more cars with stickers in their rear windows announcing sale with mobile numbers of owners written, before the start of the long summer break year after year as many people want to dispose of their cars before going on long vacations,” the official said. Such vehicles will be singled out and the owners will be intimated about the first time violation and fine, and warned that they should not repeat the violation. If the violation is repeated the vehicle would be towed away and fined QR5,000.