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Posted On: 12 July 2016 03:01 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Car Tint : the answer to Qatar's notorious summer?

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How do we know it's summer in Qatar? I know it when that one day I take a break to go to lunch, get in my car and feel like I've stepped into an oven and if I try to get out I get burnt by the door handle, the seat belt buckle, the steering wheel and basically everything I come in contact with.

Having researched on a bunch of options to keep my car cool, like trying to keep my car parked in shade (which is impossible where I work) to keeping the windows slightly open, nothing worked. So, last week I went to lunch with a friend of mine (he drove) and I was amazed to find that nothing in his car was trying to burn me even though he parks his car next to mine most of the time.

He told me how he got his car tinted recently and before he could finish telling me about it I was in awe, how quickly the air condition was able to cool the car which wasn’t that hot to start with. I know summer is here because my car reminds me of it everyday, but wouldn’t it be nice to not be reminded everytime you want to drive.

Anyway, since that conversation with my friend, I’ve been looking for tints online. Then suddenly, an advertisement popped up on my facebook news feed for a company that specializes in at home installations.

So, I checked out the website, which was easy to navigate, and the prices from what friends tell me, are very reasonable. I have booked it online and looking forward to thinking of summer as beach season instead of burn season. Here's the website and will update this post after the installation, if I remember to take a pic I’ll upload that too.