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Posted On: 21 November 2010 12:34 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

Call for stricter penalties for traffic violations

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A majority of the respondents to an online survey conducted by Al Sharq called for stricter penalties for traffic violations in the country. Sixty one percent of the respondents felt that there was a need for more stringent traffic rules, while 36 percent said the exiting law was sufficient to meet the country’s requirements. Three percent of the respondents didn’t express any opinion. Reacting to the survey, several nationals and expatriates expressed the view that Qatar had one of the most advanced traffic laws in the world and a proper implementation of the law could make a real difference in the traffic scenario in the country. “The strict penalties in the law have already caused a fall in the number of road accidents in the country,” said Abdul Aziz. Another respondent said introduction of point-to-point radars on major highways could effectively curtail speeding by rash drivers. According to Henna Ghazi, a legal expert, the traffic law in Qatar was complete and no changes were required at the moment. The law was prepared after a detailed study and deliberations, noted Henna. She felt that raising public awareness was more important than making the rules more stringent. “Why only traffic rules? What about other aspects of life?,” wondered Henna, talking against demands to make the law stricter. According to Hassan Nassar, a traffic expert, road engineering and monitoring mechanism like surveillance cameras could play a major role in reducing traffic accidents and improving road safety. He felt that completion of several road projects that are currently underway in the country could further improve the situation, with installation of more radars on roads in the new highways.