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Posted On: 16 June 2009 09:17 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

Cabinet nod to rent law amendment

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The State Cabinet has given the go-ahead for amending the existing rent law to enable property owners to remove a tenant if a rented property is needed for personal use or for the use of any of their dependents. The rent law passed early last year makes it mandatory for landlords to serve a notice on tenants at least six months in advance to take back a rented property for personal use. Once the amendments are introduced, property owners might also have the right to raise rentals given the current economic uncertainties worldwide. The move to amend the rent law in favour of landlords is being made following a proposal of the Advisory Council which was forwarded to the Cabinet earlier. The Cabinet has asked the Minister of Municipality and Urban Planning and the Minister of Business and Trade to study the Advisory Council’s proposal in detail and facilitate amending Article 19 of Law Number 4 of 2008. The Article largely specifies conditions for an owner to be able to take a rented property back from a tenant for personal use or for the use of any of his legal dependents. The Cabinet has also given the thumbs-up for amending the rent law so as to allow landlords to increase rentals by suitably changing rent contracts. Directives to amend Law Number 37 of 2008 regulating rent-related disputes and their resolution have also been issued. The Advisory Council yesterday discussed the directives of the Cabinet, which were read out by the Secretary-General, Fahad Al Khayarin.