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Posted On: 21 July 2015 07:03 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:15 pm

Businesses resume work after Eid break

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Some private businesses and offices reopened yesterday after the Eid al-Fitr holidays even as more companies, including major ones, are expected to resume work today and tomorrow.
Government offices will stay closed for a few more days and are scheduled to resume work on Sunday.
With many offices and schools closed and a large number of residents already abroad on vacation, traffic around Doha and its surrounding areas has largely been smooth over the last few days, especially during the day.
Vehicular movement increases only late in the evening, particularly on roads leading to and around major shopping and entertainment destinations. Many people are also avoiding going out during the day due to the scorching conditions.
Work resumed at several construction companies, especially mid-sized ones, yesterday.
“The volume of work is high and we are compensating our workers with overtime pay for resuming duties early. The Eid holidays have been a good opportunity for the company to offer incentives such as a fun party for workers and provide them with free transportation to places hosting Eid festivities. This is very good for our business, helping encourage workers to be more productive during the upcoming hot days,” said an Arab expatriate project manager at a construction company.
Most automobile workshops, spare parts shops and eateries have also reopened in the busy Doha Industrial Area.
There is a lot of pending work at these garages, due to the holidays, and workers have reportedly been asked to put in extra hours to clear the backlog in many workshops. The workload has also increased for the existing staff as some employees are on leave.
“Besides, people coming from other GCC countries also visit us when they have a problem with their cars and want us to fix it quickly at any cost. We have to be prepared for them as well,” said a garage operator.
The garages where the workload is high after the Eid holidays include those that have contracts with insurance companies.“Many garages seek to tie up with one or more insurance companies to secure a stable business. We have to be adequately prepared for customers in this highly competitive market,” said Khalid Abdulla, a garage operator.