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Posted On: 25 March 2013 12:58 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:12 pm


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The British Council has announced the launch of The Selector, a popular international Radio Show which is primed to begin broadcasting via QBS Radio in Qatar every Sunday on 97.5 FM from 4 to 6 p.m. beginning from the 11th of March 2013. The show is part of the programme of Qatar-UK 2013, a yearlong creative collaboration between UK and Qatar, which aims to celebrate and exchange art, culture, education, sport and science-based experiences. The Selector, is an international radio showcase for the best new music from the UK. The programme which airs in some Middle East locations is currently available in Egypt on Nile FM, in Jordan on Radio Al Balad, in Oman on FM90.4 Radio Sultanate and in Syria on Arabesque FM. The move by The British Council who recently engaged in a partnership with QBS enabling the broadcast, now paves the way for listeners in Qatar to enjoy the The Selector, which will bring them two hours of weekly programming covering all styles of contemporary music which includes a variety of eclectic music from Jazz, Rock, Rhythm and Blues, indie, dubstep, folk, soul, hip hop and more. The show features interviews, guest DJ mixes and exclusive live sessions from some of the UK’s most exciting artists. The show avoids many mainstream acts in favour of emerging talent and underground styles reflecting the brilliance and diversity of music, promoting the modern musical culture to an international audience. The underlying aim of The Selector is to challenge people's perceptions and to showcase the wealth of creativity and innovation the world of Music has to offer. Naser Ahmed Bilal – Controller Of Foreign Programmes of QBS said, “ we are pleased to be part of this effort of bringing two cultures together through music. QBS has been unwaveringly committed towards Qatar’s National Vision or 2030 and aligning with the goals listed under the social pillar of the vision. Those goals specifically aim to develop society to a level where all people in Qatar are capable of interacting positively with other communities thereby playing an important role in the global partnership for development. We see this collaboration with British Council as another step in promoting those goals.” Commenting on the launch of The Selector in Qatar, Qatar-UK 2012 Project Manager Lana Kayed said, “Music is a universal language that reaches across barriers and connects people. It is an art form that often brings people, cultures and nations closer. Qatar has a cosmopolitan culture and we are certain that QBS’s audiences in Qatar will really appreciate the quality programming that The Selector will offer. One of the key audience groups we want to reach through the action-packed activity calendar of Qatar-UK 2013 is youth. We have no doubt that The Selector will engage not just young people but everyone who enjoys international contemporary music. We are extremely pleased that QBS has partnered with us in this initiative.” Around the world The Selector is broadcast to a 4-million-strong audience in 37 countries. The show has earned many accolades including the prestigious Gold for Best Weekly Music Programme at the Sony Radio Academy Awards in 2005. In 2011, The Selector was named 'International Radio Show of the Year' at the International Radio Festival in Zurich and won bronze for Best Regularly Scheduled Music Program at the New York Festivals Awards. Further, it has also won Radio Progamme of the Year in Hungary.