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Posted On: 11 February 2016 11:51 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Best Kept Secrets in Qatar

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Qatar possesses a word-of-mouth culture stronger than in most communities. If you want to know where the best restaurants, cafes, cakes, spas, sports, etcetera are – you need to know someone who found out from someone else about it first.

ILQ wants to start revealing those secrets so that the entire community can enjoy all that Qatar has to offer.

The spotlight today will be turned on an awesome little restaurant called Neo. Generally for dinner you need to reserve seats in advance or expect to wait – a looooong time for a table. Those who know it love it; but that’s the thing, it’s not a super well-known restaurant.


I’m not a Sushi lover – at all, thus when I was invited to go to Neo because they hadexcellent Sushi, I passed time and time again. Until my friend who swore by the restaurant finally dragged me out.


Goodness, this restaurant is amazing, read: AMAZING. They offer fried shrimp with a spicy sauce, and in short, it can be equated as the best spicy shrimp appetizer – ever, fabulous fresh Sushi, and many other non-Sushi entrees, which are all delicious.


It is located on Salwa Road beside Layali. You’ll notice the clientele is mostly Qataris and Arab expats.


The more and more I spoke to folks in and around Doha, the more and more I realized that no one knew about, what is considered to many, the best restaurant in Doha.

Call, reserve, and enjoy!

Do you know of any best-kept secrets in Qatar? Share in the comments section so everyone can enjoy them too!

Neo Restaurant
Salwa Road, Souq Najd
Tel: 44322539/44322508