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Posted On: 26 June 2016 11:53 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Best Deals for your Dream Vacation this Eid

Anushay T.Khan
Anushay T.Khan
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With the Holy Month of Ramadan in its last few days, everyone in Qatar knows their vacations are around the corner. Eid is celebrated as a religious holiday to mark the end of the Holy month and to celebrate the arrival of the new month. With the holidays falling in the middle of the week, the airlines are cashing in on this as they are offering low rates to fly out. The offers are so good that they'll make you weak in the knees.

When the ticket to Paris drops down to as low as QTR 1500, you are bound to at least take a look. Here are a few airlines and flights that are making the most of these offers and giving us what we would like to call a reward for being good this month!

Qatar Airways –

Our local airlines know that we are going to be looking at their website to have an Eid getaway which is why they have been at their best and offering rates that will blow your mind. Qatar Airways has won several awards for their hospitality and are still one of the best airlines. They are the only airline you will get this summer that will send you direct to your destination. Here are the craziest offers this Eid:

Amman - QTR 1,830
Beirut – QTR 1, 300
Kuala Lumpur – QTR 2,510
Bangkok – QTR 2,440
Dubai QTR 390


Image Source - TripAdvisor

Fly Dubai –

If you are comfortable with changing a few flights and getting an affordable getaway, get yourself on Fly Dubai. Fly Dubai has got to be offering a few of the lowest rate in the market right now and we are not complaining. However, you will just be compromising a bit on your comfort but if the flight is short, I’d say do it and treat your family to an expected vacation this Eid. Whether it is India you are going to or Europe, you have yourself an ideal deal offered!

Delhi – QTR 1, 868
Istanbul – QTR 936
Prague – 1,682
Tbilisi – 1, 056
Mumbai – QTR 1,603


Image source : GoTravelaz

Turkish Airlines

If your plan is to go huge by exploring Europe, you need to check out the details at Turkish Airlines for sure. An airline that is bound to make you confused with the fantastic rates they are offering, Turkish has got to be a winner with their special fares. However, you must keep in mind that you will have a stopover in Istanbul before taking you to your destination. Imagine exploring the world at minimum cost!

Basel – QTR 1, 716
Athens – QTR 1, 746
London – QTR 1, 816
Madrid – QTR 1, 746
Zurich – QTR 1,716


Image Source - International Traveller Mag


Etihad has been another favorite for everyone as they are also one of the most popular and comfortable airlines. With their ticket offers all over the world – from New York to London, they have been in the race to get the maximum vacationers too. Even though they might not be as low as the others, Etihad gives quality over low fares which we believe is a good bargain as well.

Phuket – QTR 2,170
London – QTR 2, 540
New York – QTR 3, 220
Dallas – QTR 3, 480
Amsterdam – QTR 1, 910


Image Source - TimeOut

Oman Air

Oman air had the most fantastic deals recently and had been offering the lowest rates in Ramadan. By attracting masses towards their website, we are only sorry that we are coming late with the offers! Still an option to look into, Oman Air is competing neck to neck with the other Airlines.

Bangkok – QTR 990

Muscat – QTR 530


Image source - Sunhill Puket

You can visit the official websites for these airlines and check out the details. However, make sure you read everything so that you are prepared for the external charges that may apply. Book your vacations within this month before these offers end. Happy Vacationing and Eid Mubarak in advance from us!