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Posted On: 28 October 2014 05:08 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:14 pm

Beauty & The Beast to Set Benchmark For Effective and Efficient Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns

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“Queen Medical” – Qatar’s first five-star medical center – located in Villaggio mall since 2010 is now taking the lead in public health programs in Qatar. The first campaign focuses on engaging and educating public, mainly student and community activists, on the topic of breast cancer. Taking the opportunity of October being global month for breast cancer awareness, Queen Medical is working hands in hands with The Youth Company – a local youth-run social enterprise based in Qatar to reach out to a wider audience with the topic.

The event “Beauty & The Beast” taking place in the evening of Thursday, 30th October at the Torch Hotel concludes all the breast cancer awareness campaigns taking place in Qatar including those that are targeted to raise awareness, as well as the ones that are raising funds. Powered by the US Embassy, the event kick-starts with chief guests from Queen Medical and the US Embassy, following which the stage will be given to cancer researchers, community activists and a breast cancer survivor to speak about their relative work.

Commenting on launching their first cancer oriented public awareness campaign, Dr. Mamdouh Farid, CEO & Founder of Queen Medical said “We strive to educate and aware public about easy and handy preventative measures that they can take to avoid being in severe health conditions. Queen Medical is proud to take the lead in being the first medical center with a public health strategy that is in line with the country’s vision.”

The awards ceremony at the event recognizes breast cancer awareness campaigns in five major categories. The Most Influential Activist Award 2014 is to reward an individual who has been taking charge in inspiring, motivating and raising awareness to public by taking challenges on organizing most influential campaigns, events or programs in Qatar regarding breast cancer awareness. The Most Influential Campaign Award 2014 is for young community organizations, school groups, universities or college clubs, where students have gathered together to raise awareness or raise funds for breast cancer. Similarly, Pink Organization Award 2014 is to award companies, businesses and other organizations that encourage their employees or customers to communicate and share about breast cancer awareness. The last but not the least, the Best Fundraising Event Award 2014 goes to a group that has raised the most funds for breast cancer in 2014.

Taking the initiative of the event as the first youth-run social enterprise in the country, Aya Abu Issa – Chief Executive Officer of The Youth Company International said, “Breast cancer awareness campaigns have been increased in our country, and in the past five years, organizations and individuals can be seen taking key roles in our society to raise awareness or raise funds for this issue. TYC is proud to support such campaigns and to initiate an annual sustainable awards ceremony to encourage more people and institutions taking challenges to help others survive from the disease.”

At the venue, the organizers have arranged for audience to choose and vote for all the campaigns, to provide a Voters’ Choice Award that will conclude the awards ceremony. Besides this, audience will be given a chance to take part in a raffle draw to win exciting prizes from FUFI Design Abaya, The Body Shop, Entalek Eco-Adventures and Queen Medical Center.

The Youth Company and Queen Medical are also progressing with social media campaigning for educating public through modern media channels. This includes educating public on breast cancer, its causes, prevention and how to fight the disease. The social media campaign can be followed on the organizations’ Instagram and facebook pages.

Organizations and individuals can apply for awards and get more information from The Youth Company’s website regarding Beauty & The Beast.