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Posted On: 15 October 2013 12:44 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:13 pm

Beauty parlours cashing in on Eid rush

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Some women have complained about exorbitant charges at beauty salons, which witnessed last-minute rush yesterday as women popped in for treatments in preparation for Eid celebrations. The salons had witnessed huge turnout before Eid and some women had to book 10 days before Eid to avoid rush which, they say, resulted in salons taking advantage of the situation by increasing prices of their services. Hair styling and treatment, eyebrow shaping, and henna are the most sought-after services for the occasion characterised by socialising and holiday trips. Noor, a customer, said beauty salons are charging too much, with hair styling from QR150 to over QR200. Price for manicure has increased from QR80 to QR120, eyebrow shaping up to QR80, skin care from QR150 to QR250 and henna up to QR300 depending on the customer’s requirements. But salons justify the price increase to hiring new employees and improving their services. “To meet the huge demand, we had to hire new employees and extend working hours until late night especially three days before Eid when there is huge rush. Increase in prices of our services is reasonable. This is not exploitation,” the operator of a beauty salon told Al Raya. It is normal for salons to increase prices of their services during Eid, but the problem is there is no improvement in the quality of their services, said Fatima, another customer, adding prices were raised by 50 percent. Because of the rush, one customer, Haya, could not book despite many attempts, so she hired a beauty salon expert for home service. However, “it cost me double of what I pay in salons. I had to pay her QR1,500,” she said. Some women said a few salons have been charging up to QR800 for make-up and urged the Consumer Protection Department to intervene.