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Posted On: 17 February 2009 10:07 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

Bank employee accused of embezzling QR490,000

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A pregnant woman who worked with a bank as a cashier is accused of misappropriating funds to the tune of QR490,000. She lost her job, as a result she is now facing trial. The woman and her husband are busy mobilising the huge sum to pay off the bank, although she told Al Sharq that she had been framed and did not misappropriate funds. “I was away on annual vacation when the cash went missing from the bank. Moreover, I was not authorised to accept in deposits or give away cash exceeding QR50,000 to any customer, so the question of appropriating funds does not arise,” she told the daily. She wants an investigation to be launched in the bank so the ‘mystery’ of the missing cash can be solved. She said she joined the bank in June 2006 and was appointed a cashier after a month’s training. She went on annual vacation a year later when the incident took place. “When I retuned from vacation and went to the bank, I was shocked to know that I had lost my job following an accusation that I had misappropriated funds to the tune of QR490,000,” she said. The bank, after dismissing her from the job, gave her the option to pay off the sum so the case would not be referred to the police and the court. But since she could not afford to pay off the huge sum, the case was sent to the court. She and her husband have somehow now managed to organize QR150,000 and are busy mobilizing more money so that they can pay off the bank and get rid of the court case.