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Posted On: 24 November 2020 05:58 pm
Updated On: 24 November 2020 06:34 pm

Baladiya launches second phase of separating, sorting waste at source campaign

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME), represented by the General Cleanliness Department, launched the second phase of the program of separating and sorting waste from the source, in cooperation with banks, financial institutions, commercial complexes and malls operating in the country.

During this stage, the ministry will provide containers for separating and sorting two types of waste from the source: food residues (organic materials) and recyclable materials (paper, plastic, glass and metals). The ministry will also provide vehicles to collect recyclable materials and transport them to designated places.

During an introductory meeting held in Al Rayyan municipality in the presence of a number of ministry officials, banks, financial institutions and commercial complexes, Director of the General Cleaning Department Muqbil Madhour Al Shammari explained that the implementation of the program of separating and sorting waste from the source comes within the context of the ministry's great interest to the development of its services to preserve the environment and its safety and achieve sustainable development, and in implementation of its strategic plan.

Al Shammari pointed out that this initiative was prepared for a long time and that factors and procedures to ensure its success were taken into consideration. A precise plan was developed, trained manpower, cars and containers were provided, in addition to the continuous field monitoring and periodic evaluation in all its stages in order to achieve its objectives, the most important of which is the supreme goal, which is to reach the highest standards of preserving the environment and achieving sustainability for the present and for future generations, especially for the hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, he added.

He explained that the program aims to reduce the amount of waste, preserve the integrity of the environment, economic benefits from waste recycling, achieve sustainable development and preserve natural resources, in order to contribute to Qatar National Vision 2030.

He added that the program includes four phases that extend from 2019-2022, and the first phase, which began in 2019, covered 590 schools and kindergartens and included the distribution of a number of new containers to them in cooperation and coordination with specialists at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, in addition to 48 health centers.

Al Shammari added that the second phase, which announced its launch on Tuesday, covers banks, financial institutions, commercial complexes and shopping malls, where 2,000 containers have been allocated for recyclable waste, in addition to 24 cars that transport recyclable materials.

The third phase, which begins next year, targets universities, government and semi-government agencies, bus stops, hotels, public parks, the Corniche area and the city of Doha. The fourth phase will start in 2022, during which an electronic service will be launched to collect recyclable materials from all homes in the country, and will include all facilities, buildings, facilities and stadiums for the FIFA World Cup.

Source: QNA
Cover image source: Shutterstock