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Posted On: 25 August 2012 12:02 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:12 pm

Awards programme for Qatar’s hospitality sector launched

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Organisers have announced the launch of the Qatar Choice Awards, a public awards programme which will enable residents to vote on the best service providers within the hospitality and lifestyle sectors in Qatar. The awards will be co-organised by the Difaya hospitality tradeshow and a gala dinner will be held at Al Gassar Resort on October 10 to distribute the awards. Online nominations and voting are open from today, and anyone who wishes to nominate or vote can visit The awards will feature prizes for all aspects of hospitality, including restaurants, entertainment, nightlife and general standards of service. Founder and CEO of, co-organisers of the event, Khalifa Saleh al-Haroon said: “There is nothing like these awards programme in Qatar, and this country’s hospitality industry is booming. The Qatar Choice Awards are designed to recognise hospitality professionals and outlets that are leading the pack in Qatar.” As well as Difaya and, the Qatar Choice Awards are co-organised by Qatar Happening (QH) magazine, Al Isteklal (IAC Qatar), Premium Projects, and Al Gassar Resort. QH’s sales and communications manager, Jorge Granda noted: “There is, quite simply, a lot happening in Qatar, and the hospitality industry is best-suited to take full advantage of the years to come. Every type of event, conference, tourist group, or businessman is looking for best-of-breed hospitality services providers.” Premium Projects’ MD and creative director, Chris Van Kamp commented: “In this booming scenario, an awards programme like the Qatar Choice Awards becomes an invaluable resource both for those voting and checking out the results, and for those who are being judged.” IFP Qatar’s Sarah Mroueh, the lead project manager at Difaya, said: “The Qatar Choice Awards are an opportunity for the public to give feedback, in an interactive manner, on an open platform… and at the QCA, no one but the public has a say in what the results are.” “That is a powerful combination and we believe Qatar’s residents are ready for it,” she added, noting that the awards will also be on Facebook at QatarChoiceAwards and LinkedIn at Difaya Qatar. Gulf Times