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Posted On: 13 December 2019 02:26 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:21 pm

Aspire Zone Foundation contributes to achieving Qatar National Vision 2030

Abdullah Amir
Abdullah Amir
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Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) has been striving since its inception to improve sports performance by using capacity development to achieve its strategy thanks to the spirit of cooperation and support to occupy the forefront by applying best practices and commitment to scientific methods and respecting the values of others and their rights and needs as well as accepting what is provided by individuals from different cultures regardless of culture, orientation, race, class, and gender.

The Foundation continued to achieve many successes related to its strategies and vision and achieved in 2018-2019 a lot of achievements in cooperation with strategic partners.

The AZF follows the path of the political leadership in Qatar and its enlightened and insightful vision, which makes human development and upgrading it a central hub for the various development processes witnessed in the country recently.

AZF always puts the human being in mind, whether it is from the students of the academy, professional athletes, or members of society who are offered innovative community programs aimed at promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Qatar National Vision (QNV) aims to prepare a knowledge-based society, which is what AZF is keen on in all its programs, which are built on a scientific basis and best practices.

Also, the QNV 2030 for comprehensive development was issued in 2008, the same year that the Amiri decree was issued, which brought together the Aspire Academy, Aspetar Hospital, and Aspire Logistics under one umbrella, the AZF. This indicates that the formation of the integrated future vision for sport and the institutions involved in it are part of the larger system of the national vision for development.

There is a close link between AZF's vision, mission, and the tasks it carries out, and QNV's four pillars, especially concerning human development. The vision of the Foundation, which has gone a long way in achieving it, aims to become the reference in global sports excellence by 2020. AZF's societal goal is to promote an active healthy lifestyle and make physical activity and sport an integral part of the daily routine of individuals' lives, which contributes directly to achieving QNV 2030.

AZF contributes to the progress of the State of Qatar as the Foundation's vision is to be a reference for global sports excellence. Where the belief in the values of innovation and creativity in the work, motivates AZF to provide more research and innovative applications in the fields of sports science, sports medicine, stadium, and event management. AZF has many of the leading research centers in the Middle East in these fields, such as the stadium's natural grass management and research center.

In a relatively short time, the Foundation was able to prove its leadership in the world of sports, through the efforts of its three members: Aspire Academy, Aspetar Hospital, and Aspire Logistics. The Foundation has become a destination for everything related to the world of sports in the region and the world.

There are many indications of this, including the Qatari athletes, who achieved advanced positions in various sports, and the most famous clubs and international teams that choose Aspire Zone to establish their training camps, as well as international sporting events organized by the Foundation throughout the year in Doha and abroad. The confidence of the Qatari government in AZF to manage of all sports facilities in the country, whether or not it is affiliated with the Foundation.

Also, AZF has launched Sports Business District, the first of its kind in the Middle East and the opening of 2022 building to attract major leading companies in the sports industry and create an ideal sporting investment climate that complements the sports system in Qatar by supporting and developing the sports economy, as well as signing several agreements with international sports and notable medical institutions, including the agreement signed with the United States to create a model that simulates Aspetar in Texas, and other cooperation and partnership agreements.

Regarding Qatar National Day, which falls on December 18, and the lessons learned from this precious national occasion, AZF confirms that celebrating this occasion is the most valuable to everyone's hearts, and a source of pride and honor, as it celebrates the history of the ancestors who had the greatest credit in building Qatar and laying the foundation stone for its endless aspirations to place Qatar in the ranks of developed countries.

The National Day is a special day, which expresses the ability of the leadership and its generous people to give, redeem, and dedicate for the sake of the nation's development. A day that raises the feelings of love and loyalty that inhabit the hearts of all Qataris for their country and society. It is noteworthy that residents also participate in this celebration of love in Qatar and its wise leadership and gratitude for the peace, security, and justice that they live on the precious land of Qatar.

The National Day is an incentive for all who live on this good land so that they spare no effort to follow the path of the ancestors and fathers, who preserved and developed Qatar. The best expression of love and loyalty to the homeland is to work sincerely to achieve prosperity for Qatar.

The past period has already witnessed many accomplishments. The wise leadership was keen to provide all logistical capabilities such as Hamad International Airport, which comes at the top of the list of the best airports in the world, and the giant capacity Hamad Port, and the Doha Metro project, which opened in a record time and witnessed a large turnout of citizens and residents. In addition to, other major strategic projects that made the various state institutions eligible to achieve several successes and remarkable achievements at the national and international levels, defying the obstacles imposed by the blockade on the movement of land, sea and air transport.

All international economic indicators have praised the extent of growth achieved by the State of Qatar in the past years, due to its strong investment portfolio, diversified economy, and unique business environment that has guaranteed growth at rates exceeding the usual growth rates in the countries of the region.

In 2019, Qatar won the Asian Cup of Nations for the first time of history, where most of the Qatari players were Aspire graduates.

Also, Mutaz Barshim, an Aspire graduate, won the gold medal in the 2019 World Athletics Championship in Doha. Besides, Qatar hosted a series of successful tournaments including the World Athletics Championship, and Arabia Gulf Cup. The FIFA Club World Cup will be in Doha this month.

Source: QNA