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Posted On: 24 October 2016 10:06 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Aspire Zone and QCS engage females in the ‘Ladies Walk the Park’ breast cancer awareness campaign

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Marking this year’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF), in collaboration with the Qatar Cancer Society (QCS), have recently held the ‘Ladies Walk the Park’ breast cancer awareness campaign, that aims to drive participants to embrace a healthier lifestyle and become familiar with both the causes of breast cancer and effective prevention methods.

The event was attended by a large number of female residents of all ages, in addition to leading female icons in Qatar, including Ms. Eljazi Mohammed Al Kuwari, Chairman of the Executive Office at the Gulf Disability Society, Ms. Suhaila Al Harb, Head of the Qatari Businesswomen Association, and to Ms. Seham Al Awami, Director of Special Projects at the International Centre for Sport Security and Save the Dream programme.

Taking place at Aspire Park on Thursday, October 20th, the event comprised of an interactive breast cancer awareness seminar presented by the QCS, accompanied by a small Q&A to test the participants’ knowledge.

‘Curves’ weight loss centre, the proud sponsor of this year’s campaign, awarded winners of the Q&A session with vouchers, and engaged participants in a 10 minute warm-up session to prepare them for the 1-2 kilometre walk, around Aspire Park, that followed. This partnership with Curves, is part of Aspire Zone’s efforts to encourage women to become more active, given that exercise plays an important role in boosting the body’s immune system, and preventing from breast cancer.

Commenting on the event, Lolwa al-Marri, head of Events at Aspire Zone Foundation, said: “We are excited to host the ‘Ladies Walk the Park’ campaign. We are also proud to partner with the Qatar Cancer Society for the second consecutive year, to mark the breast cancer awareness month. We’re pleased to see an increasing number of participation this year, and this proves that females are more inclined to educate themselves about breast cancer, and are interested to help with raising awareness.”

Ms. Seham Al Awami, Director of Special Projects at the International Centre for Sport Security and Save the Dream programme, added: “I’m very thrilled to be part of this campaign. The issue of breast cancer is of major importance, and females need to be aware of the causes and prevention methods of this disease. Early detection of breast cancer can help tremendously with the success rates of its treatments. As such, I encourage females to get regular check-ups at the doctor, and to always keep a close eye for any symptoms that might appear.”

Ghada Samir, one of the participants at the event, said: “This is my first time participating at such an event, and I’m glad I took part this year. This is not my first time hearing about breast cancer of course, but this seminar had added more to what I had already known about the disease. For example, I now know that breast cancer doesn’t only affect females, it also affect males but in a smaller ratio, 1 male to 100 females. In addition, breast cancer is the most common type of cancer to cause death among females in Qatar and worldwide.”

As outlined in the Qatar National Vision 2030, this event contributes to the Human Development pillar of Aspire Zone Foundation’s objectives by creating a physically and psychologically healthy population. The International Breast Cancer Awareness month occurs every October, with major breast cancer charities from around the world organising events to shed light on the disease, spread awareness and raise money for research.