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Posted On: 4 March 2019 12:33 pm
Updated On: 3 March 2020 11:55 am

Aspire International Kite Festival to take off on 6 March for four days

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The Third Aspire International Kite Festival is all set to take off at Aspire Park from 6 March to 9 March. This will be the Aspire Zone Foundation’s (AZF) third edition of this popular festival and visitors can look forward to watching the sky light up with kites of different sizes, designs and colours for four days of fun, frolic and festivity.

There will be kite flying competitions, along with other fun competitions with valuable prizes for the winners, kite workshops, stalls for food and beverages, entertainment, music, fun and lots of other activities to keep you and your family busy for hours on end.

Kite flying competition

Kite Flying Festival in Qatar

There will be over 80 international kite flyers this year and the festival promises to be bigger and better than ever before. These professional kite fliers will be flying their kites to compete in four different award categories that include:

  1. Biggest Kite Award
  2. Longest Kite Award
  3. Best Design and Innovation Award
  4. Best National Flag Award

Other competitions at the International Kite Festival

This latest edition of the Kite Festival will also see differnt schools from all over Qatar taking part in their schools’ annual competitions with many children participating in the workshops, site visits and fun activities that will make up part of this colourful festival.

1. Photography competition

The photography competition for professionals and is back again and will be held, in collaboration, with the Qatar Photographic Society. All entrants must post their photographs depicting the kite flying festival and how they perceive it on social media and the first three winners will be given valuable prizes

2. Best children poster competition

The poster competition for children, aged between of 5-13, is also coming back in this third edition and, as in the previous two festivals, will award prizes to the best drawings of a kite soaring in the Doha sky.

3. Schools’ competition

AZF is also bringing back the schools competition for private and government schools in which different schools compete against each other in a friendly kite flying competition so students can be introduced to kites and the beauty of kite flying. Cash prizes will be awarded to the winner, runner up and the second runner up. This year, over 13 schools are expected to participate in the competition.

4. Kite Workshop

The kite workshop was very popular in the last two editions of the Kite Festival, and this year won't be any different. The kite workshops will encourage children to draw, paint, decorate and even make kites to familiarise them with this amazing activity that is popular in so many parts of the world.

The history of Aspire International Kite Festival

The First Aspire International Kite Festival

First Aspire International Kite Festival

The first festival was held in April 2017 at Aspire park and became an instant hit with professional kite fliers from around the world and the people who live in Qatar who flocked to the five-day festival to watch the colourful, beautifully designed kites light up the Doha sky with the skillful maneuvering of the kite fliers in the competitions and also just for fun.

That wasn’t all that attracted visitors to this incredible festival. On ground, there were kite workshops, food and beverage stalls and booths, entertainers that kept the visitors entertained and F1 simulators amongst other activities.

Other activities included the poster competition, photography competition and the schools' competition which were very well received.

Over 40,000 people visited.

The Second Aspire International Kite Festival

Second Aspire International Kite Festival

The festival became so popular with thousands and thousands of people attending over the four days, that it was brought back in March 2018 to the Aspire Park. Teams of professional kite flyers from around the world gathered at Aspire Park to compete in a range of individual and team kite events including synchronised kite performances and kite flying art displays.

Most of the activities from the first edition of the festival were included in the second edition, but there were also some new attractions that included the country’s first kinetic colourful wind decorations that were set up at the Park to captivate the festival’s visitors and have become a regular feature of the park.

Location: Aspire Park
Timings for the public: 3 pm - 11 pm

What do you think of the International Kite Festival? Have you visited any of the previous editions? Will you go this year? Do let us know your thoughts in our Comments section. Like and share the article - it keeps us going!