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Posted On: 14 September 2015 02:38 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:15 pm

Aspire Academy and Qatar Athletics Federation join efforts to develop coaches

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Mr Salah Al Dine Shabooh

In preparation of the World Athletics Championship 2019 in Doha

Aspire Academy today hosted a delegation from the Qatar Athletics Federation (QAF) as part of the two parties’ efforts to activate a memorandum of understanding signed between them that aims to discover Qatari athletics talent and elevate coaches’ skills.


The meeting, which was attended by officials and coaches from both sides, discussed the agreement’s key objectives, as well as agreeing on a four-year timeline designed to result in tangible positive change on the sport of athletics as a whole, given that coaches are considered the foundation in the development of any sport.


The meeting also served as an opportunity to stress the necessity of collaboration between both sides, as that will facilitate opportunities to exchange expertise and experience within an integrated system that benefits both coaches and players.

Following the meeting, a clear goal focused on accelerating the development of athletics in Qatar was identified. This goal aims to increase Qatar’s participation in athletics, and enable Qatari athletes to participate in and win different athletics championships, such as the upcoming IAAF and IPC 2017 World Championships in London, and the 2019 IAAF World Championships in Doha.

In this context, John Nuttall, Head Coach of Athletics at ASPIRE Academy for Sports Excellence, assured that Aspire Academy has some of the world’s most advanced sports science technologies and facilities that can help athletes improve their performance, including QAF’s members.

He added: “The objective of this collaboration is to support athletics in Qatar and ensure that the athletes who participate in it are able to compete within the top ranks in upcoming local, regional and international championships. This can only be achieved through the cooperation of all involved parties, and this collaboration is a step in the right direction to achieve that”.

Nuttall also highlighted Aspire Academy’s notable strides in sports science and its significant contribution to developing the Academy’s programmes and curricula, which are focused on nurturing athletic performance.

From his part, Salah El-Dine Shabouh, Head Coach of U-18 Teams at QAF, stressed the importance of the collaboration with Aspire Academy, and its role in establishing a sport culture based on respecting differences. He added: “Group work is the most ideal way to achieve success, particularly in the field of sports, and Aspire Academy has the capabilities to develop coaches and athletes professionally. The collaboration between QAF and Aspire Academy aims to strengthen Qatari sport in general and athletics in particular. The cooperation between coaches from both sides will involve an exchange of expertise that will result in providing the best tools and methods to best train athletes to represent Qatar.”