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Posted On: 12 April 2009 09:58 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

Asian expat gets 7-year jail for murder

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Paper Boy
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A Doha court has sentenced an Asian national to seven years imprisonment for the premeditated murder of his compatriot. The man was also ordered to pay QR400,000 as blood money to the victim’s family. The court said the blood money was double the usual because “the crime took place under severe circumstances.” The convict escaped a possible death penalty as the wife of the 38-year old Sri Lankan victim opted to accept the blood money, according to a document submitted in the court. However, diplomatic sources said the two sides were working on a deal that would allow the victim’s family receive a sum equivalent to QR20,000 from the relatives of the convicted killer. The man died on April 14, 2007 of multiple stab wounds, according to a medical report presented in the court. The court of first instance dismissed the convict’s claim of self-defence saying the murder could have been avoided. Sources told Gulf Times there was a running feud between the two men and it was likely that the victim was drunk at the time of the attack. The air-conditioning technician, 36, told the court he acted in self-defence after the other man entered his room to stab him. “I snatched the knife from him and stabbed him in different parts of his body. I threw the knife to the ground and left the room,” he said. According to the charge-sheet, the knife used in the murder was found in the room of the company’s accommodation in the Industrial Area. According to forensic reports, the victim suffered 17 stab wounds, “one of which had punctured his heart.” The defendant’s lawyer has filed an appeal against the “harsh” verdict.