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Posted On: 21 October 2013 06:15 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:13 pm


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Arch roundabout to be closed from Thursday 24th October Newly constructed roads open to traffic during entire duration of construction
Doha, October 21, 2013: As part of the Lusail Expressway works, the Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ has announced the diversion of traffic around the Arch Roundabout connecting Lusail Street and Omar Al Mukhtar Street, from 24 October 2013. Alternative roads will be open to all surrounding areas during the diversion which is part of the construction of Lusail Expressway project. During the construction period newly built alternative roads with improved capacity for traffic will be available (as per the map attached) to ensure smooth traffic flow in the area. Ashghal has been working relentlessly to complete these high quality alternative routes, built to highest technical and design specifications to insure minimal disruption during construction. All the newly constructed road diversions feature two to three lanes in each direction allowing free flow traffic movement around the existing Lusail Street and Omar Al Mukhtar Street. In addition, new signal controlled junctions have been constructed on the diverted routes to ease and streamline traffic flow. All necessary road signs have been installed at all diversions to provide clear directions for commuters. Ashghal has urged all road users to respect traffic rules and regulations for their safety and the safety of others. As part of the construction, Arch roundabout will be converted into a three-level interchange including a dual three-lane underpass from Al Dafna area to Lusail. It will comprise of a single point interchange at the ground level for the Arch traffic and three lane directional link at level 1 from Lusail Expressway to the Central Business district. In addition, the project will feature vital iconic landmarks. The Lusail Expressway project will provide a vital link into Doha’s fast growing Lusail City development. With its complex network of tunnels, flyovers and junctions, the ongoing project responds to future traffic demands and delivers a modern road network that will connect people and places with speed and ease. On completion the 5.3km dual four-lane expressway will serve the new development areas in the north of Doha. Commenced in Q3 of 2012, the Lusail Expressway project includes three large interchanges and has key interfaces with the Pearl, Katara Cultural Village, Lusail City Development, Diplomatic area, residential and commercial areas. For the closure commencing 24 October, Following is the key information on the new diversions routes around Arch Roundabout: • All newly constructed diversion roads feature three lanes in each direction except the road from University Street to the Arch Roundabout and Qatar Sports Club to the Arch R/A have two (2) lanes available in each direction. • Six signal controlled junctions will be available on the roads to streamline traffic movement • Clearly marked U-turns are allowed on four signal controlled junctions (as per the map attached) • Clear directional signs are available on all routes • The diversion roads are to be used from 24 October 2013 until the completion of the project As a comprehensive solution to Qatar’s need for an advanced network of highways, Ashghal’s Expressway Programme is a nationwide road infrastructure programme that will improve the way people and places are connected across Qatar. The programme will deliver more than 30 major road projects across Qatar including new and upgraded freeways, expressways and arterial roads, a new orbital highway and truck route as well as substantial upgrades to existing roads. - ILQ News -