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Posted On: 6 December 2013 05:36 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:13 pm

Ashghal takes steps to deal with rains

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The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has said that it has taken all measures to deal with the rains. Ashghal started preparing for the rains early in September in co-ordination with the Drainage Networks Operation and Maintenance Department, Roads Operation and Maintenance and departments outside the authority such as the different municipalities. Ahmed Mohamed Sharif, Drainage Networks Operation and Maintenance manager at Ashghal, said their main mission - while preparing for the rains – focused on ensuring the readiness of drainage networks and drainage stations to avoid flooding during rainfall and being able to receive excess rainwater in addition to the normal drainage water, which could double the amount of water transferred through those networks. He said Ashghal contracted one of the national drainage cleaning companies to clean drainage networks (road gullies) in Doha and other cities. As many as 4,500 soakaways, collection tanks and surface and groundwater pumping stations tanks have been cleaned. Besides, all rainwater drainage networks in tunnels and key areas like Souq Waqif have been cleaned again to prevent flooding in those areas during the rains. Mobile pumps have been distributed in areas that do not have rainwater drainage networks yet and might see the accumulation of rainwater. This has been done in co-ordination with the Rain Emergency Committee and based on plans formulated along with different departments. Some key areas that might see the accumulation of rainwater have been provided with diesel pumps to pump accumulated water to nearby networks. Ashghal has allocated a number of suction tanks by contracting companies. The allocation is meant to meet the drainage network needs in case of a blockage or flooding in the pumping/treatment stations or networks.