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Posted On: 14 January 2020 10:12 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:21 pm

Ashghal partially opens a signalised intersection part of Al Wakra Main Road Upgrade Project

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The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ has partially opened Al Wakra Road Underpass Signalised Intersection with Ras Bu Fontas Street to traffic as part of the Al Wakra Main Road Upgrade Project, in coordination with the General Directorate of Traffic.

The new junction is located after the Airport Interchange at the entrance of Al Wakra, above Al Wakra Road Underpass, to contribute to enhancing traffic movement into the vital city, where the opening will reduce travel time by 80%, especially after canceling old traffic diversions and providing alternative routes to Ras Bu Fontas Street and Saud Bin Abdul Rahman Street, which directly links road users heading from Ras Bu Fontas to Al Wukair and Al Mashaf areas and back.

More importantly, the new intersection links traffic coming from several main roads, such as Airport Street, G Ring Road, and Ras Bu Abboud Street, along with Al Wakra Road and the surrounding streets.

The intersection connects to Metro Al Wakra Station to facilitate passenger access via the nearby drop and park stop, as Al Wakra Road integrates with the Redline of Qatar Rail on its median to tie Al Wakra and Doha through the two major stations of Al Wakra and Ras Bu Fontas.

On this occasion, Engineer Saleh Al Shaybah confirmed that 54% of Al Wakra Main Road Upgrade Project, which upon completion will improve the traffic flow between Doha, Al Wakra and the southern areas.

Al Shaybah explained that the old roundabout has been converted into a two-level interchange that includes a tunnel providing a free traffic flow between Doha and Al Wakra via Al Wakra Road to along with the new signal-controlled intersections, which will distribute traffic movement in all directions leading to Al Wakra.

He added: The opening of the intersection will facilitate traffic between the cities of Doha and Al Wakra and provide a free traffic flow for road users from Ras Bu Fontas station towards Pearl roundabout. The intersection will also facilitate traffic from Doha towards the Al Janoub Stadium using Al Wakra metro station due to the presence of transportation stations west of the intersection.

Developments of the Project

Since May 2018, the Public Works Authority has started the works of converting Al Wakra Main Road to a 9 km long highway, consisting of a three-lane dual carriageway and a lower tunnel along the area of connecting Doha and Al Wakra.

The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ had started works from last December to convert the roundabout to a signalized intersection after the opening of Al Wakra Tunnel and other parts of the project along the 3.5 km stretch from Ras Bufantas station to Barwa Village.

Ashghal is working on completing the Al Wakra development project in which the construction works extend along 5.5 km from Pearl Roundabout up to Woqod Petrol Station towards Mesaieed City road. It includes converting three main roundabouts - Pearl Roundabout, Oredoo Roundabout and Al Afajah Roundabout (known as Al Jabal Roundabout) to signalized intersections, in addition to constructing two new intersections at Al Razi Street and Al Wukair Road.

Features of the Project

The Al Wakra Main Road is a strategic point of connection and an important link between the cities of Doha and Al Wakra. It also provides a direct link with vital parts of the road network including G Ring Road, Ras Bu Abboud Street, Airport Street, and Sabah Al Ahmad Corridor, facilitating ease of access to the southern areas and Mesaieed Road.

The road also serves residents of several neighborhoods, residential and commercial complexes in Al Wakra and Al Wukair areas. The road is also one of the vital projects in the southern areas, given its expected role in ensuring free flow traffic between Al Wakra and Doha, and between Al Wakra - Mesaieed in the south. This road will also ensure traffic flow for commuters heading to several recreational facilities such as Al Wakra Market, Al Wakra Family Beach, and Al Wakrah Celebration Complexes.

The Al Wakra Main Road Upgrade Project is a continuation of the highway network projects in the state and its completion will result in a significant positive impact on traffic flow in the southern area by reducing traffic pressure in all areas of Al Wakra, complementing its role with other corridors of the recently opened highway network including G Ring Road, Southern Part of Doha Expressway (Al Wakra Bypass), which in turn links traffic with Al Janoub Stadium, one of the prime venue for hosting the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.