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Posted On: 6 May 2015 02:39 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:15 pm

Anti-Doping Lab Qatar hosts 5th annual symposium

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For the fifth year in a row, Anti-Doping Laboratory Qatar (ADLQ) is conducting its annual scientific symposium. With a different topic each year, this year it focuses on “Global Trends in Anti-doping research.”

Over the last 40 years, several sporting and governmental organizations have created funds dedicated to anti-doping research. With the continual pressure of keeping up with new dopants, and anticipating the next trends in doping practices, it may now be prudent to create a coordinated approach to face these challenges. Therefore, such a forum is a must in this ongoing fight.

Representatives from WADA, doping laboratories and doping commissions are meeting for two days to reveal the perspectives of the different stakeholders. The two-day event is taking place in the Torch Ballroom in Aspire Zone and includes presentations as well as panel discussions.

“The ADLQ Symposium with its 5th edition has become one of the most-waited for events every year in the anti-doping world.” said Mrs. Mishael Al Ansari, Marketing and Communication Director of ADLQ, “We are extremely happy to contribute in this way, among other ways, to the fight against doping .” she added.

The symposium was preceded by a workshop, held in collaboration with the Qatar National Anti-Doping Commission (QNADC), for Blood Collection Officers for a total of 14 delegates from the region.

HE Dr. Mohammed Ghanim Al Maadheed, Chairman of the ADLQ Board of Trustees, has opened the symposium with speakers from Qatar including, Dr. AbdulSattar Al Taei, Executive Director of Qatar National Research Fund and Dr. Nasser Al Ansari, Chairman of QNADC. International speakers include Dr. Valerie Forneyron, Former French Minister for Sports, Youth, Community Education and Community Life and current Chairperson of the WADA Health, Medical and Research Committee in addition to Prof. Arne Ljungqvist, former Vice President of WADA and former Chairman of the WADA Health, Medical and Research Committee.

ADLQ General Manager Dr. Mohammed Alsayrafi said: “The aims of the 5th ADLQ Symposium are to examine all aspects of research related to anti-doping, from both the historical and current standpoint, in order to help the community identify future areas of investigation. With this mixture of experiences and insights we have, we are planning to have a document for publication from the proceedings of this symposium.”

Image: ADLQ