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Posted On: 18 November 2008 08:33 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:08 pm

Amazing security technology on display

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Paper Boy
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Get ready Mr James Bond 007, the state-of-the-art sophisticated weapons and technologically advanced security systems equipment in the world are here. Set for a three-day exhibition, manufactures, developers, experts and consultants converged at the Qatar International Exhibition Centre to show off their wares on the latest internal state security technologies. Dubbed as “7th Milipol Qatar 2008”, participants, special guests and visitors already felt secured roaming around the exhibition venue what with Identification Cards printed with bar-coded badges to make sure infiltrators can not slip through the global event. Already, a top military official of Qatar hosting the specialised exhibition event expressed jubilation as there was a notable 12 percent increase of participation among exhibitors in all parts of the globe. “Milipol Qatar 2008 will witness a participation of leading international companies specialised in security technology to exhibit the latest innovations of internal state security which reflects Qatar’s interest to apply the most sophisticated security systems,” said Brig Gen Nasser Bin Fahad Al Thani, chairman of the organising committee. What makes the event a come-on to exhibitors and consultants are the opportunities to conclude deals, sign contracts and exchange expertise with their prospective clients especially from visiting government officials in the Gulf region. Products and services showcased at the booths participated by 260 companies from 37 countries ranges from electronics, telecommunications and IT systems, vehicles, boats, aircrafts, weapons, ammunition, optics fibers, uniforms, building and border guard defence equipment, bomb and mine management and training and consultancy. Although there seems to be no competition at all among exhibitors, but many people who visited their booths can not help but awe in wonder and amazement upon seeing the latest technology trends in security systems. There, enthusiasts would witness remote control EOD robots used for disarming improvised explosive devices and explosive ordnance from Germany while Beijing-made MOLE long distance robot-like explosive/drugs detector which can also detect arms and explosives cached underground can not be also left behind. The latest X-Ray inspection equipment for baggage, cargo and person screening in security application from the US is an attraction but the carry-on spectral radiation scanners from Belarus intended for monitoring of illicit trafficking of radioactive and nuclear materials is also quiet interesting. A locally made close-circuit TV system and a top-of-the line fingerprint ID and badge system from Doha can make a difference for clients security needs while a Belgian-made sensor surveillance systems with C4IS Center for producing real-time situation awareness picture from data provided by surveillance systems and friendly forces location reports are also amazing. One can also easily notice a traveling safe case for safe carriage of contracts, sensitive documents and photo electronic data and even cash and valuables developed in France along with LEC special miniature audio and video recording system from the Czech Republic. Manufacturers and developers from the UK have also some irresistible stuff to offer like the secure electronic ID systems already used in Qatar for e-passport system and the digital RF bomb jammers. There are a lot of assorted top-of-the-line latest weaponry from highly-developed countries on display that have also drawn many local visitors to test-draw and sight but ammunitions developed with state-of-the-art combination of high-tech, lead-free primers and specially designed encapsulated bullets from Brazil are also come-ons. The Pen