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Posted On: 18 January 2010 10:58 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

All Karwa drivers vaccinated against H1N1

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All drivers of Karwa taxis, airport limousines and school buses have been vaccinated against H1N1, Mowasalat said yesterday. The vaccination has been carried out in cooperation with the Vaccination Unit of the Supreme Council of Health. In an earlier effort, all drivers had been provided with preventive masks as a precautionary measure against swine flu. In order to provide a larger scale of protection, the H1N1 vaccine has been administered to taxi and airport limousine drivers to protect them as well as the customers from a possible infection. The vaccination procedure also involved school bus drivers to protect the students and ensure their safety. Mowasalat recently launched an awareness and prevention campaign against swine flu by educating the drivers on the ways this disease is transmitted, methods of prevention, wearing of preventive masks and use of disinfectants. For this purpose, the company provided the necessary masks to the drivers and disinfected the buses to ensure the decontamination of seats, and ensured the proper ventilation of buses by having them fully opened on a daily basis, the company said. The Medical Unit at Mowasalat is working towards expanding its activities. It is preparing to move to the new Karwa City, that is equipped with the latest medical facilities.