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Posted On: 15 October 2009 03:00 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

Air Supply duo to rock Doha tonight

Paper Boy
Paper Boy
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After over three decades of their successful musical journey, Air Supply finally arrived in Doha bringing with them their love songs set to capture people’s hearts as they stage their first-ever concert here tonight. Tonight’s concert of the world-renowned duo is part of their ongoing world tour which takes them to different corners of the world, the latest of which was in the Philippines, where they conducted five successful shows. For one night, the audience would be taken to a journey through the different episodes of the duo’s musical career as they sing a variety of songs that endeared them to various people around the world. “Our show is very much audience driven. The audience don’t come to see us, we come to see them, so they’re very much part of the show,” said Graham Russell, one of the members of the band, responding to a query from The Peninsula. A press conference was held yesterday at La Cigale Hotel in connection with their show at 8.30 tonight simply dubbed ‘Air Supply On Tour 2009’ to be held at the Qatar Foundation Ceremonial Court. Russell said they have 17 of their original songs in their repertoire for tonight’s concert, many of which have been familiar tunes listened to by music lovers through the years, such as ‘Lost in Love’, ‘All Out of Love’, and ‘Here I Am’. In addition, they would also be playing four brand new songs from their latest album called ‘Mumbo Jumbo’ to be released in January next year, one of which they would be singing for the first time. Hailed by critics as the most ‘Successful Pop Group and ‘Best Pop Group’, Air Supply enjoys popularity with many of their songs revived by hundreds of singers worldwide, among whom the Westlife stands out, according to Russell. He also expressed amazement with the variety of cover versions of their songs in different genre, proving their songs’ classic quality. Asked about their secret for staying in the music industry for 35 years now, Russell said there’s really none though he cited their passion in performing and simply being themselves could have been essential factors for the longevity of their career. “We are very passionate of what we do, and when we perform, it’s really us, no gimmicks. And I think our passion comes to the audience, they understand it and take a piece of it with them,” he said, adding music goes beyond borders and languages. He also expressed eagerness to experience Arabic culture not only through music but also dance and language, among others. With regard to their advice to aspiring singers, Russell said “You have to believe in what you’re doing, because if you don’t nobody else will.” The trademark sound of Russell Hitchcock’s soaring tenor voice and Graham Russell’s simple yet majestic songs that entranced music aficionados around the world would cast a spell on Dohaites in probably the biggest concert of the year tonight. Organised by Filipino group Pag-Iribang Bicolnon Qatar, the concert would benefit Reach Out To Asia and is sponsored by La Cigale, Cosmos, Pizza Inn, Virgin Megastore, and The Peninsula. An autographed guitar would also be auctioned and donation boxes made available to help flood victims back in the Philippines, the organisers said.