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Posted On: 13 August 2020 06:02 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:22 pm

Academic Hindsight: What is a good SAT score?

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Simply put, a perfect SAT score is 1600, the minimum is 400 and the average score for the class of 2019 was 1080. These numbers, however, do not really tell you the exact score that you are going to need for colleges and universities of your choice. High SAT scores drive merit- based awards at many schools. Thus, earning a top percentile can simultaneously save you a fair amount of money. Students must remember that being in the top ten percentile on the SAT does not guarantee college admission. It is not uncommon for highly selective colleges and universities to reject students with near-perfect SAT scores when other parts of the application fail to impress the admissions officers.

Therefore in its true sense, a “good” score depends on the requirements of the universities that you are considering. In general, a combined SAT score of roughly 1400 will give you an advantage at nearly all of the US colleges or universities globally. On the flip side, there are hundreds of test-optional colleges where SAT scores do not matter, and many others where average scores (roughly 1080 Reading + Math) would be adequate for receiving an acceptance letter. Having said that, despite the fact that a solid SAT score does not guarantee admission, a low SAT score could do more harm than good.

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Alternatively, if you are unhappy with your performance on the SAT, there is no need to worry, most colleges accept either ACT or SAT scores regardless. If ACT is a better option for you, go for it! In case you haven’t taken the SAT/ACT yet, sign up for a free online practice of SAT/ ACT with ScorePlus. Find out your baseline and compare it to the typical scores at your target colleges. You may contact ScorePlus at: 4436-8580/3067-9488 or email them at [email protected] to book your free test.

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