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Posted On: 14 March 2010 01:39 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

A woman judge can solve family rows better, say female lawyers

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Family courts in Qatar which hear marital disputes and claims for the custody of children from divorced or separated couples were in bad need of women judges, so with the appointment of Sheikha Maha Mansour Al Thani as an assistant judge, the dream has come true, say prominent women lawyers. Being party to marital disputes or disputes involving the custody of children, women can be better understood by judges from their ilk. So with Sheikha Maha having been appointed as judicial assistant, the void has been filled, said lawyer Neda Al Sulaiti. She, however, clarified that she did not mean that women should be appointed judges only in certain courts. “Women are capable, so they can be judges in all types of courts. It is another thing, though, that family courts here were particularly in bad need of female judges,” she told a local Arabic daily. According to her, Sheikha Maha’s appointment to this elevated judicial position is a tribute to the rising clout of Qatari women. “They carry out in an excellent way whatever responsibility is assigned to them,” said the lawyer. Qatari women are highly qualified and talented. They are in the ministry and the Central Municipal Council (CMC). So it was high time they were represented in the judiciary as well. When women can be good lawyers why they cannot be good judges, she argues.