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Posted On: 30 January 2017 01:36 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:17 pm

A trip to the Corniche Fish Market with Mama Baba Ganoush

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We all love a bargain don’t we?

In this episode I go on a bargain hunt to buy the freshest fish in Qatar at affordable prices! The Corniche Fish Market is a little local gem tucked away near the centre of Doha and just a short drive from the Museum of Islamic Art. It’s a great spot to visit with those perfect water views in the winter sun and to grab yourself a bargain!

This little fishing spot is a hive of bustling activity in the early mornings. Fishermen sit mending their nets and sorting through their prized catch. Here you’ll find a small jetty for fishing boats and a shaded, canopied area with huge metal tubs displaying all types of seafood from stunning sherry fish, to blue swimmer crabs, and shark. If you’re early enough you may see the boats bring in their morning haul so you can buy fish before they reach the market.


The market officially opens from 6:00 a.m., but boats may arrive later depending on weather conditions. To bag your bargain, select your chosen seafood from one of the stalls. If you’re buying fish be sure to check for a few vital signs – clear and unclouded eyes, pink to red gills, plump flesh and a fresh ocean smell. Prices range from stall to stall but please consider this is freshly-caught, quality produce straight from the sea and unavailable in larger supermarkets! You’ll also find some restaurateurs hoping to grab a bargain too!

The market is open seven days a week and there’s plenty of public parking next door. It’s a great morning out to take in those ocean views and enjoy the cooler weather – plus you’ll be buying the freshest seafood in Qatar! Kids will love it too – they’ll see a slice of the old Doha way of life and a little working community filled with boats and fish! So add the Corniche Fish Market to your Bargain Hunt list and be sure to check it out!


The Corniche Fish Market, Corniche, Doha

Open seven days a week

From 6:00 a.m. to 12 noon, and 6:00 p.m. to 12 midnight

Parking available


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