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Posted On: 12 December 2017 03:05 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:18 pm

A Poem for Qatar: An expat’s tribute for Qatar National Day 2017

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Hailing from County Wicklow in Ireland, Cassandra Molloy moved her life to Qatar 5 years ago to take up work as a primary school teacher here in Doha. Words and written expression have always been her passion as an educator and as a creative writer.

“I’ve enjoyed writing poetry for quite some time now, and I also use [it] to inspire the students I teach. I like to use a rhyming style because I think the Irish are quite lyrical in our accents anyway,” she says.

Having travelled to Qatar several times to visit her father who works in Al Khor before making the move here full-time, Cassandra says she toyed with the idea of writing a tribute to to her adopted home for the last few years.

“So when a friend recently suggested that I write a poem for Qatar National Day I started to get some ideas down,” she explains. “Given my own affection for the country and the recent surge in national pride, I felt inspired to share my feelings from an expat perspective. I absolutely love living here in Qatar and I really think that one of the best things about living here is when you get to show it off to visitors who come from home.”

“They get a snapshot of how unique and special life here really is,” she continues. “A few weeks ago, when some friends came to visit, it reignited that incredible feeling of experiencing Doha in all its glory. My poem encompasses just some of Qatar’s many highlights.”

Cassandra hopes to one day develop ‘A Poem for Qatar National Day’ into an illustrated children’s book.

A Poem for Qatar National Day

By Cassandra Molloy

From the moment you land and first arrive

All your senses start to come alive.

Heat and humidity hit your face,

The desert’s first real embrace.

Hamad International elicits awe

The most amazing airport you ever saw.

As you hit the road and head for the city

The view is vast and oh so pretty.

Your journey begins and you take in the sights,

First it’s the line of bright neon lights

Stretched as far as the eye can see,

They fill your eyes with splendor and glee.

Yellow, blue, pink, purple and green

Lights like this you’ve never seen.

Doha’s delights begin to unfold

A modern slant on the ways of old.

The treasures beyond are lying in wait

The beauty of this sovereign state.

The National Museum- a huge desert rose

Architecture to impress and impose.

Onwards towards the corniche and dhows

Admiration and awe only Doha allows.

Behold the museum of Islamic art

So much to explore, where do we start?

The skyline is grand, rare and unique,

Leaves you breathless, unable to speak.

This city is coming to life and growing

The future of Qatar’s so bright, it’s glowing.

A country with so much to offer and give,

A land in which we’re excited to live.

We come to Qatar from far and wide.

We feel this nation’s unshakeable pride.

It’s our country too, we’re united together,

We love the lifestyle and amazing weather.

A country brimming with endless possibilities

A land that’s full of amazing opportunities.

It’s an honour to be part of Qatar’s community

We stand together in unwavering unity.

All around, there are new sights to behold

Ever changing stories, some yet untold.

5 star hotels, splendid new malls,

Stunning sunsets and Holy prayer calls.

Trips to the desert, coastline, Zekreet

The landscape and brilliance cannot be beat.

Innovations, designs, grand buildings galore

Come visit Qatar, come and explore.

Visit Katara, so crisp and clean

A vision of beauty planned and foreseen.

Meander down pathways that twist and turn

Appreciate history, new lessons to learn.

See the luxury! Experience the splendor!

Come, fill your heart with delight and wonder.

Enjoy Ramadan, reflect on people in need,

And afterwards, experience the joy of Eid.

A feast for the eyes, such food for thought

Visit the souq, where bargains are sought.

See the lanterns, smell the herbs and spice

Taste the cuisine, which will surely entice.

Matchboose, hareese, other traditional food

Will satisfy hunger and please any mood.

Qatar is steeped in heritage and culture

Your greatest dreams, it can nurture.

Here is a place where you find what you seek

A country that has yet to reach its peak.

Progress will happen and time will pass

The World Cup will be beyond world class.

A promise of prosperity and glory

We share today in Qatar’s story.

Tamim Al Majd- with pride we say,

Thank you for Qatar and National Day.

Did you enjoy reading Cassandra’s poem? How do you state your love through Qatar through creative expression? Drop us a line and let us know in the comments below! Also, be sure to visit for an up-to-date guide on activities happening across Qatar on December 18 !

Cover image courtesy of Cassandra Molloy

Additional images courtesy of iStock by Getty Images