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Posted On: 24 February 2016 01:08 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

A First Week at ILQ

Doha Knight
Doha Knight
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We asked Amerah, our new Head of Content, to think of 10 things that stuck in her mind after her first week of work at ILQ. These are the nine she sent back to us:

1. I get lost inside the building where ILQ Headquarters is located, daily. The first few days, I couldn’t figure out what elevator to take to get to my floor and at one point, a Qatari man had to show me where I need to go because I was going in the wrong direction. True story.

2. I keep calling the colleague next to me “Arnie” – even though that’s not her name. I have no idea what’s wrong me, but I definitely have to work on that.

3. I sat at a meeting where there was discussion to convince Khalifa Al Haroon (Mr. Q) to move away from his vision of using ILQ to serve the community and become more business oriented. The dude shot it down, all passionate-Arab style. The guy really does love Qatar – no joke.

4. I told my colleague I lost a few pounds since joining – he responded with “Oh thank God!! That is SUCH good news!”… um?

5. A man from Doha News, who works in the same building, approached me and said “Hi, you’ve been to my house before” (this is being said to a conservative Muslim woman)… after being mildly terrified, it turns out I knew his wife 10 years ago.

6. Found out there is a French grocery store in Qatar, called Monoprix. Monoprix offers amazing bread... while getting lost in the foyer, I sometimes find it.

7. I’m going to be gaining those few pounds back as we prepare for the cupcake article. Stay-tuned! You will find out where to find the best cupcakes! (shameless plug J )

8. The article “Tips on dealing with the Greedy, Moochy, and Leechy in Qatar” was suppose to be titled “How to deal with a Mooch”, but the content team is an international mix… and none of them had any clue what a “mooch” was :/

9. A couple of us were discussing that our tower resembles Batman, until another lady in the building explained it was designed to look like a palm tree, rather than… Batman.