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Posted On: 17 June 2017 08:50 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:17 pm

7 Days of kindness for a reflective Ramadan

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By Sarah Schroeder

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Does it have to come to an end? Indeed – we’re beginning the last 10 days of Ramadan today. These last 10 days are known to contain the holiest night of the whole lunar year. For Muslims, this night is very important, as it’s the night Allah revealed the Qur’an to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). While no one is certain when exactly the night of power called Laylat al-Qadr takes place, it’s known to fall during the final 10 days of the Holy Month.

The spiritual rewards of prayer, charity, education, fasting, and acts of kindness are doubled when Ramadan is observed. Though in the last 10 days of the Holy Month, the spiritual rewards are even greater, weighing more than at any other time of the year. During this time you can find many Muslims praying and reading the Qur’an for long hours at the mosque.

Because ILQ compiled seven acts of kindness to complete for every week of Ramadan, we have another seven for the final week! Our good deeds may come short and sometimes even drown in the busy days during the year, but let’s take these 10 last days of Ramadan to do some good! Have a good heart and maintain pure thoughts - and your acts of kindness will be rewarded! Bring joy to others, ask for forgiveness, and also forgive yourself!


1. Call a relative

Do you have a little time on your hands? Call someone you love. When was the last time you called your auntie, teta, or brother? Take initiative and don’t wait for them to call this time – it’s literally in your hands! Calling someone just to chat and see how they’re doing shows that you were thinking of them and makes them feel loved. No chores, no favors, just love!


2. Help an animal

In Islam helping an animal is considered a great good deed! Those who are kind to animals are blessed by Allah and receive his mercy. So how can you help an animal this week? Take your friend’s dog on a walk. Rescue a cat. Adopt an animal from the shelter. Or simply give water or food to an animal. The possibilities are endless, and an animal is helped and cared for.


3. Praise a colleague

Our performance is enhanced when we feel confident. Every day we face challenges at the workplace, some of which are small and easy to tackle, whereas others can be tough and strenuous. One day this week, take time to praise someone at work for their effort. Whether they succeeded or struggled doesn’t matter. Having your hard work acknowledged will make you feel better and make the next challenge a little easier!


4. Offer water

This is a very simple act of kindness. Just place a couple of water bottles into a cool box in your car just before Iftar, or take a bottle with you on your walk through the neighborhood, and hand it out to someone! It could be someone working outdoors, or a friend you meet on your way. Everyone needs hydration!


5. Complete a CPR course

Being able to do CPR is a good skill to have! Learning something new can save lives. There are courses for CPR training available at Hamad Medical Corporation you can attend to acquire this vital skill! Why not sign up for a course with your friend or colleague this week?


6. Be environmentally conscious

Be kind to our planet! Think of ways this week you can be environmentally conscious! What impacts the environment? What can we do to minimize these effects? With everything you do, make yourself aware of the effect your action has on the environment. Reduce your meat, dairy, or plastic consumption, recycle your trash, or car-pool with friends.


7. Save articles and videos you find inspiring

What articles and videos have you seen in the last month that have touched, motivated, or inspired you? Create a folder with everything that inspires you or gives you new hope. Did an article you read make you feel courageous, empowered, or happy? This folder can grow with every piece and make you feel better on a rainy day. Or you can share pieces with a friend in need of encouragement or enthusiasm. This little project can be continued alone or collectively even after Ramadan.

Now let’s make these final seven acts of kindness count! Ask your friend, family member or colleague to complete these good deeds together with you. See how many of these deeds you can get done before Eid. For this last week of Ramadan, feel blessed, do good and be kind!

Let us know how you got on with our seven days of kindness! Do you have a story of extraordinary kindness you want to share with us? If so, drop us a line in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to give us a like and a share – it keeps us going!