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Posted On: 13 September 2020 04:18 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:22 pm

5.5 million MOI transactions completed through Metrash2 this year

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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The Ministry of Interior, MOI's Metrash2 application recorded a remarkable growth in the number of users and the services performed and provided to the public due to the benefits it provides, which consists of completing transactions in the shortest possible time without going to service centres, in addition to its importance at the present time with the implementation of the precautionary measures against coronavirus (Covid-19).

Ministry's statistics indicated that the number of users has exceeded two million since the launch of the application, while services provided since the beginning of the year have reached more than 5.5 million. The total number of inquiries about the services provided through the application exceeded 9 million.

Assistant Director-General of Information Systems at the Ministry of Interior Brigadier Abdulrahman Ali Al Farahid Al Malki said that the Ministry was keen to keep pace with the technological development happening in the world and create smart solutions in the application so that it would be more user-friendly. It was also keen to ensure that people with disabilities can benefit from the application in all available forms, he added, pointing out that the application received many local, regional and international awards, as the best government application on mobile phone.

He pointed out that the number of services provided through the Metrash2 reached more than 215 services for the public and companies. He explained that one of the most prominent new services in the application were criminal complaints, replacement of vehicle plates, vehicle cancellation and employee travel notice list, adding that the application assisted the public in getting these services without the need for service centres.

Brigadier Al Malki stated that the statistics showed that the most used services this year were the registration of the National Address, renewal of residency, payment of traffic fines and renewal of vehicle license.

He said that the application development is ongoing as future services will be provided such as registration of navigation application, checks reports, issuance of residency with a birth certificate, renewal of temporary licenses, renewal of driving permit for those under training, vehicle mortgage, criminal complaints in police stations and requests for exceptional extend of visas.

Brigadier Al Malki confirmed that Metrash 2 is designed, developed and made available to work on all types of phones and devices to serve citizens, residents, companies and institutions around the clock, without interruption, from anywhere and at any time with the possibility of paying service fees directly without the need to go to the Ministry's departments, which saves time and effort and contribute to accelerating the pace of obtaining these services in order to achieve the strategy of the Ministry of Interior and contribute to achieving Qatar National Vision 2030.

He added that the payment of service fees has been activated using debit cards, in addition to the possibility of using credit cards and direct debit services from the bank account (for companies) that were available in previous versions.

He also noted that Metrash 2 provides delegates of governmental and semi-government institutions and companies the ability to review all electronic transactions that took place through Metrash2, the procedures that were made within 30 days prior to the date of the inquiry and the procedures that were performed in person, in addition to the ability to review all the procedures that were made by the delegates.

Metrash2 contains the registration service in the alerts and SMS service (Metrash), which enable individuals, institutions and companies to receive alerts related to official documents and make inquiries. It is important to note that the registration in the SMS service for individuals, institutions and companies is available on the website of the Ministry of Interior.

Brigadier Al Malki called on all clients of the Ministry of Interior's services to participate in the Metrash 2 application to save time and effort when completing their services and transactions, especially in light of the precautionary measures announced by the state to prevent coronavirus (Covid-19).

Source: QNA
Cover image credit: MOI